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Google My Business Users, Heed this Warning

Google has issued a warning to Google Small Business users who may not be keeping up-to-date with their accounts. If yours has been inactive for a about a year, Google will be asking to verify the information -- hours, address, phone number, etc. -- it has. Otherwise, it could choose to de-verify your business's account.


Upcoming Fast Food Restaurant Serves a New Niche

Small businesses are always learning from bigger ones (and vice versa). So, a lesson could be learned from the new Amy's Drive Thru fast food restaurant. It's a spin on the established business, Amy's Kitchen, but this twist could serve as a model for smaller businesses aiming to compete or at least disrupt the big cats on the block.

summer hours

Do You Change Your Summer Business Hours?

If you're extending your business hours this summer in an attempt to bring in more revenue, don't keep it a secret. Research says 25 percent of small businesses extend their business hours in the summer months. But few update their Google My Business accounts accordingly.

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Coal Creative: What’s the Benefit of Marketing Online Services Locally?

Are there advantages to marketing your company locally -- even if much of the service you deliver is online. You bet, says Gerard Durling, founder of Coal Creative. An online marketing consultancy which also helps with some offline marketing efforts proudly serves Northeastern Pennsylvania while they could serve the world.

bun festival

Hong Kong Bun Festival Makes Local Bakery More Than $10,000 a Day

Timing and location can be the key to business success. Take this bakery that caters to a famous local festival near Hong Kong every year. What can you learn from this small business success story? How can you position your business to be a part of local events in your community?