February 8, 2016

Local Marketing

Tips, advice and news about local marketing for your small business, whether through search engines. Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, yellow pages, directories, and more.

pay it forwrd

Big List of How to Pay it Forward in Business

Giving back to the community that's made your small business a success is a great way to pay it forward. The goodwill you dispense can have a lasting impact on your future success. Check out this BIG list of ways your small business can pay it forward.

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Local Small Business SEO: Why Your Business Needs It

SEO is changing and it's important that any small business perform it for their websites. Check out these 6 reasons why it's imperative that local small businesses use SEO for the websites.

local sign post

5 Ways to Improve Local Visibility Online

Creating an online presence for your small business is a great way to expand your presence beyond local borders. But managing that online presence following these tips will improve your local visibility online at the same time.

local search

How to Dominate Local Search with Multiple Locations

You know the importance of maintaining a strong company website. But what if your business has multiple locations? How can you optimize search results to let customers know which location is closest to them?

google plus local

Google Plus Local Pages Get Redesign

Google has updated the look of Google Plus Local pages, removing some pertinent information from the social site. How will this affect your small business?

local businesses

31 Tips for Local Digital Marketing

A local small business could still benefit from digital marketing. The people they serve are online so it behooves a small business to have an effective local digital marketing plan in place.

facebook location for pages

Facebook Introduces Dynamic Call-To-Action Buttons for Local Ads

Sure, you can promote your business to the whole world these days. But if you operate a small chain of coffee shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, what does that matter? You need tools and data to reach the customers in your immediate neighborhood. Read on.

guide to geo targeting

Marketer’s Guide to Geo Targeting, Beacons and Proximity

You've probably already heard many times how important mobile marketing will be in the very near future. Now read about some of the tools and technology your business will need to make your mobile marketing a success.

buy local

7 Ways to Give Your Retail Store the Local Advantage

Shopping local is important in the eyes of many consumers. And as many of those consumers prepare to dig deep into their pockets over the coming months, how do you get your small business to stand out among the local crowd?