October 5, 2015


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evac route

What You Need to Know About Emergency Management Plans

If you're in charge of a small business, some of the most important decisions you make could happen just before disaster strikes. How your team reacts in the face of adversity could determine your business's survival after the storm has passed.


24 Team Building Games and Exercises

If your company is all work and no play, there's bound to be a problem. Build togetherness and have a little fun at the same time with these 25 team-building and ice breaker activities.

dcaa compliant

The Scary Thing About Staying DCAA Compliant

Being awarded a defense contract can make or break a small business. In order to keep that contract and possibly get more, the DCAA -- the agency tasked with ensuring companies are compliant with defense regulations -- is very interested in how you track your time.

how to hold meetings

How to Hold Meetings AND Still Keep Production Flowing

Meetings are a necessary evil, it seems. They're great for pushing the company message or getting a team all one page but they can also crimp a person's -- and company's -- daily workflow. Here's how to keep the day moving forward even if you're "stuck" at the conference table.


Look Deeper Than the Surface for Business Experience

When it comes to hiring an employee, mere instinct will lead you astray. Don't trust how you feel about a person. Look for credentials. Do they have the skills you need? Or are you just hiring blind, taking an employee who may look right but is all wrong for your company?

Latino Entrepreneurs on the Rise

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