October 7, 2015


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Look Deeper Than the Surface for Business Experience

When it comes to hiring an employee, mere instinct will lead you astray. Don't trust how you feel about a person. Look for credentials. Do they have the skills you need? Or are you just hiring blind, taking an employee who may look right but is all wrong for your company?


Want to be a Creative Leader? Adopt These 10 Qualities

There are leaders of all types in the small business world. What style have you adopted or do you see yourself as? If you think you're a creative leader, check to see if you possess these 10 distinct qualities.


Want To Be A Great Influencer? Make Others Feel Important!

Think being an influencer or leader in your business is about you? It's so not. Look at the other people on your team. Without these folks, your company will never be a success. Treat them well or you will live to regret it.

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Thermostat Wars and Stolen Lunches – Little Things Mean a Lot

You may think you're running an office of professionals but at times even the best pro can get a little bratty. Turns out things like dirty refrigerators and fights over the office thermostat can cause any office environment to break down. Here are ways to curb that adolescent behavior before it starts.

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What Is The Small Business Owner’s Most Valuable Activity?

If you spend most of your time as an entrepreneur with your nose to the grindstone, you might be getting it wrong. Spend a little more time just...well, thinking. Yes thinking. You might be surprised at the benefit to your business as a result.


4 Steps To Implementing A Workplace Training Program

A solid workplace training program within your small business helps to introduce your team with the company culture but can also outline expectations and get everyone working on the same proverbial page.


Bezos Defends Amazon Company Culture

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has penned a memo today answering a New York Times report that rips the company culture at Amazon. The report details current and former employees' grievances with the company over a strict and competitive way within the company.

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5 Ways to Turn Failures at Work into Life Lessons

It's always best to come away from a mistake a better person -- or in this case, a better business. But turning mistakes into lessons with future benefit isn't easy. Follow these tips to turn a mistake into a positive and how not to react to them.


How To Handle Disagreements (And Still Get What You Want)

Success in business often requires working with others. But being an entrepreneur also makes it necessary to get others to follow your vision. So how do you get the work you need done and still maintain the good relationship you need with your people?

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Five Steps to Reducing Fear of Change at Work

These days, change is the name of the game. It's a matter of survival with big businesses and small businesses alike. But change can also cause stress for your employees -- with fear of job loss and how changes in tactics may otherwise affect them. What can you do to address this?

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