July 5, 2015


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Are You a Good Delegator?

How are you at delegating tasks related to your small business? A recent Gallup poll found out just how good or bad businesses are at delegating important responsibilities.

immediately app

ReTargeter Creator Aims to Replace CRM with New Immediately App

Arjun Arora, the man who sold ReTargeter earlier this year, is back working on a new app called Immediately. In an exclusive interview with Small Business Trends, he describes how Immediately integrates Salesforce and Gmail for salespeople.

communications gap

Are You Falling Into the Workplace Communication Gap?

If you think you already communicate effectively with your employees, think again. A recent survey suggests your employees would like more feedback and if you have Millennials on your team, this may be even more true.

Office Clutter

7 Ways to do Your Business More Harm Than Good

You want your business to be a success, but could it be that some of the practices you engage in every day are taking your company in the opposite direction? See if you recognize the bad practices on this list.

fire alert

5 Steps to Communicating Clearly with Your Team

When a project goes wrong, it's easy to spread the blame around, but what if it was possible to know the outcome of your efforts ahead of time and to prevent that bad result before it even happens?

lendio video

Small Business Owners Say Thanks to Mom

A promotional effort gives entrepreneurs a chance to say thank you to the most important influence most have seen in their lives and talk a bit about what that support means.