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Improve Your Office Productivity With Twitter Chat Tips

If your like most small business owners, office productivity is a constant challenge. Whether you're a solopreneur working from a home office or a small business owner working with employees from a more traditional office, here are some thoughts from a recent Twitter chat


The Importance of Open Discussion in Leadership

To understand the different kinds of leadership and the effects they have, we need look no further than our own elected officials. Here are some lessons we can learn from these observations and their applications to business.

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9 Signs That You are a Bad Manager

As a manager, you're susceptible to falling into the same traps as many managers before you. There are lots of different management styles and traits. Here are ones to avoid.

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Kill these Productivity Killers at Your Workplace

Wasting time can kill your company's productivity and more importantly, all that time adds up to lost revenue. Here are some easy ways to cut down on the time your company is frittering away day in and day out.

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The Small Business Guide to Getting Ready for Vacation

If you're like many small business owners, you know the importance of taking some time off from your small business. But you may not always have time to do it. Perhaps you don't have a staff up to the task. Perhaps you have no staff at all. In either way, there are options to get some down time. Read on.

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Multitasking Isn’t Always the Best Idea for Business Owners

Multitasking has become a buzz word in business these days. It means, of course, working on more than one thing at a time -- as when you perhaps read an incoming email while typing another and speaking to a client on the phone. Sound crazy? In entrepreneurship, it could mean trying to explore more than one opportunity at a time. And it may not be all it's cracked up to be.

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Clever Ways to Engage Employees and Shake Up Company Culture

In the short term, your biggest concerns for your business may be cash flow and profitability. But in the long term, there's also stagnation to worry about. The best solution is to create a company culture that engages employees. Here's how.


Weekends Aren’t the Time to Do Nothing

If you think the weekend is the perfect time to do nothing ... think again. Yes, it's Monday but that doesn't mean you can't do these things at the end of this week.