August 24, 2016


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How to Enjoy Summer While Working

How to Enjoy Summer in Your Office or Store

It's summertime and more than likely, you'd rather be outside soaking up the sun and fun rather than stuck in the office working. Here are some clever ways to bring at least a part of that summertime inside.


How Do You Take a Working Vacation and Still Catch a Break?

Many small business owners believe they are far too busy to take a vacation. Still, evidence suggests failing to take that time off could be just as harmful to your business as it is to you. So how can you get that all-important down time when the projects seem to just keep coming?


10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team

Is your small business expanding to the point that you're ready to add a new member to the team? Members of the small business community offer some wisdom on how best to make the transition a smooth and productive one.


20 Tips on Public Speaking

A famous comedian once noted, people fear public speaking more than death. That means they'd rather be dead than delivering the eulogy. Really? Public speaking isn't THAT bad. Here are 20 easy tips to help you through your next presentation.


How Effective Leaders Deal With Hard Decisions

Small business owners can face many decisions everyday. Some may be easy but relatively low-stake. While others are difficult and high-stake -- like firing an employee or going with one vendor over another.

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Manage Payroll Effectively with Core Employee Solutions

Payroll may not be a central focus of your business. It doesn't directly focus on the creation of products or services that delight your customers. But it is of central importance to your employees. And that could directly impact how your business work.

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