September 1, 2015

Marketing Tips


Stolen Content May Not Be So Bad After All

The content you're creating for your website may be so good that others are trying to use it for themselves. This type of burglary though, may not always be a bad thing for your business.


4 Content Writing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

As a content writer, you know that creating compelling copy is the best way to influence your customers and market your client's products. Here are some simple tips to consider that will help you transform your writing.


Don’t Just Enter a New Market — Create One

A company like Netflix wasn't exactly a trailblazer when it started. We all rented movies in the past. But the video sharing and streaming service found a way to create its own market. It could be argued that it's doing quite well now. Can your small business create its own market, too?

sherpa press

Would You Wear a Cape to Promote Your Brand?

Sherpa Press has taken merchandising one's brand from placing it on T-shirts to placing it on a cape. Who wears a cape anymore, though? That's the point of this marketing lesson: Take the conventional and make it your own. See how a cape fits the vision at Sherpa Press.

social icons

How to Sync Your Website and Social Media Efforts

Websites provide a way to build relationships with your customers. Social media channels offer tools to distribute content from your website and bring prospects in to learn more. Integrating the two are seen as key to success in the modern online marketing landscape. Read on to learn more.

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40 pr tips

40 Public Relations Tips From Pros On Influencer Marketing

The world of marketing has gotten very messy in the last few years. Gone are the simple tools of broadcasting content that once reigned supreme. They have been replaced by a bewildering landscape of influencers, all with their own niches and their own communities to serve.

99 online marketing tools

99 Killer Online Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Efforts

Online marketing is not only one of small business's greatest opportunities. It might also be one of its greatest challenges. Resources are many these days on the Web, but having a collection of tools at your fingertips will give you have the edge.


Is Your Website Bounce Rate Related to Content Marketing?

If you own a website for your small business, you may have heard or already monitor your website bounce rate. Does your site's bounce rate impact content marketing efforts you're already making on your site?


5 Ways to Monetize Email Newsletters

Even if your small business doesn't sell a physical product or a service, there are still ways to monetize your email newsletter. Here are 5 ways to do so.