November 24, 2015

Marketing Tips

mobile users

30 Mobile Commerce Tips to Improve Sales Today

Just having a mobile commerce site for your small business doesn't guarantee you'll have sales. Here are tips for an effective mobile commerce strategy to boost your business.

starbucks red cups

Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Shows Need to Understand Customers

You can't please everyone all the time. But, at the same time, a recent controversy over the design of a simple holiday cup is a reminder of how important it is to understand customer sentiment. Starbucks doesn't seem to be any worse for ware. So the lesson may be that while it's important to be sensitive, some reactions are beyond our control.

clip on man bun

Does Your Product Demand Attention Like the Clip-on Man Bun?

Love it or hate it, a product or service people can't stop talking about has a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Consider the clip-on man bun. Are there similar remarkable products or services you could create that generate their own buzz?

network like a teenager

Do You Know How to Network Like A Teenager?

Want to learn to network for your business more effective? Just think back to your experience in high school. You may be surprised how much you knew back then about how to connect with others. Perhaps it's time to relearn some of those skills in your business today.

godaddy seo

GoDaddy Develops Search Engine Visibility at the Touch of a Button

Creating a website for your business is one thing. Getting people to visit it is another. Popular domain registrar and Web hosting company GoDaddy may have the answer. Here's a tool that can help you gain online visibility without being a search engine guru.