November 30, 2015

Marketing Tips

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5 Alternative Ways To Share Content Other Than Social Media

Think sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, et al, are the only places to share the content from your website? Think again. Here are 5 other places where you can effectively get your content in front of a lot more people.

build a brand reputation online

How To Build a Brand Reputation Online That’s Solid

Your company brand's success hinges on its reputation. Building that reputation online is a great way to boost your brand's standing. Here are some tips on building a good reputation for your brand.

mobile users

30 Mobile Commerce Tips to Improve Sales Today

Just having a mobile commerce site for your small business doesn't guarantee you'll have sales. Here are tips for an effective mobile commerce strategy to boost your business.

starbucks red cups

Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Shows Need to Understand Customers

You can't please everyone all the time. But, at the same time, a recent controversy over the design of a simple holiday cup is a reminder of how important it is to understand customer sentiment. Starbucks doesn't seem to be any worse for ware. So the lesson may be that while it's important to be sensitive, some reactions are beyond our control.