May 29, 2015

Marketing Tips

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What is Brand Storytelling?

You've heard both terms used independently, of course. Storytelling is as old as time. And you know very well what your brand is. So perhaps you already understand this new buzzword everyone's talking about. But how do you put it into action?

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What is Native Advertising?

Here it is ... a comprehensive guide explaining what native advertising is, how it differs from other forms of advertising, and how it can be a benefit or trap for small businesses.

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Get Some Motherly Insights About Your Website with this New Service

What would your mother say if she saw your company's website? OK, maybe not to THAT level, but if she's having difficulties navigating your site, chances are others like her are as well. This new service, The User is My Mom, has moms test websites and offer reviews on their experiences.


5 Effective Positioning Techniques for the Non-Salesy Entrepreneur

Not really swift at selling your company, products or services face-to-face? Some entrepreneurs just don't have the salesman in them. And that's OK. Follow these simple steps to help you not only sell your brand and your company but also yourself.

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Boost Loyalty with Perks for Repeat Customer

Loyalty card programs are a great way to encourage people to come back to your business again and again. Here's data showing the instances where loyalty programs really do work.

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How to Become a Master Presenter and Rock Your Next Speech

Public speaking has been a delicate subject since grammar school. And in business, it's even more important. Small Business Trends spoke with one expert who's prepared CEOs and Oscar winners for their big speeches. See what tips she shares for public speaking and video presentations for small business owners.

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5 Steps to More Professional Personal Branding

How you write and speak along with how you dress and the condition of your vehicle all impact your personal brand. Following these five tips will give your own brand a professional edge.

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Is Influencer Marketing a Trendy or Smart Strategy?

There's a new trend in digital marketing and advertising that could be an option for your small business as big as pay per click was once upon a time or even more straightforward social media advertizing is today. It's called influencer marketing and here's what you need to know.


Can Business Versatility Hurt Profitability?

Versatility may sound like a good idea for your business, and it can be. The trouble comes when that versatility translates into a brand that is too general or too poorly defined. Developing a narrower niche for the services you provide can result in more clients and higher profits.

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