October 9, 2015

Marketing Tips

mail featured

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Digital marketing, schmigital marketing. A lot of small businesses are still seeing a great return by using old-fashioned snail mail.

thought leader

Is Thought Leadership a Waste of Money?

If you're an entrepreneur looking to share your expertise with the rest of the world as a thought leader, it's difficult to have your voice stand out among the crowd. Here are 3 solid tips to improving your position as a thought leader in your field.

heart hands

Financial Benefits to Being Kind to Others

Kindness is a pay-it-forward type of quality. But how you interact with others -- especially in a nice way -- can mean profits for your small business.

mobile video

Business Tips on Live Streaming, Marketing to Teens and More

Your small business likely markets to a lot of demographics but there may none more important than the youngest consumers. This week, the small business community offered some advice on the best ways to market to younger audiences.

work computer

Top 3 Apps for Content Curation

Adding quality content to your website is obviously paramount to keep it engaging and have people coming back for more. Doing that on your own is tough. Here are three content curation tools that provide your site with a stream of that quality content.

native apps

Don’t Discount the Importance of Native Apps

If you think having your business's website be mobile-friendly will cover you now and in the future, you may want to reconsider that stance. Experts agree that having a mobile app is probably the best course of action for your business to keep potential customers as happy browsers.

trade show aerial

7 Easy Steps to an Effective Trade Show Exhibit

Taking your small business to a trade show can be a boon for future business. It can also bleed you dry if the trip is improperly managed from the get-go. Here are 7 simple ways to effectively manage a trade show trip and come home with something beneficial to your small business.

linkedin campaign

Test Drive of the New LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has given a new look and feel to its advertising Campaign Manager. It's a vast improvement over what was in place last year. Here's a quick spin of some of the new features and improvements.