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Naumi Haque, CEB marketing to small business

This Team Gets Inside the Heads of Small Business Owners

Naumi Haque uncovers surprising insights about how small business owners across North America think and act. For instance, the insight that “small business owners are not cheap” is one of the things that sometimes is a revelation to clients of CEB’s small business program, where he is Research Director. And the surprises don’t end there. Recently he and his team pulled together revealing insights about who influences who in the world of small businesses.

rusty mailbox

10 Steps for Handling Unsubscribes

Let's face it. No one likes to lose subscribers. But the important thing is to learn to handle unsubscribes effectively. Be sure to treat the process professionally and try to learn what you can to cut down on more departures in the future.

helping customers

10 Creative and Efficient Customer Service Solutions

Great customer service is one of the keys to a successful small business. But creating a great customer service experience can sometimes be much harder than it sounds. You'll want to try out some of these creative and effective customer service solutions for a start.


Use the Right Words for Winning Business

When sending an email to a perspective client, customer, partner or supplier, it's important to stand out from the crowd. But if your emails are regularly being ignore by these people, it may be a sign of a deeper problem. Are you using the right words to win business?

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This Video Shows the Secret Formula for Viral Success

Viral marketing, particularly viral video, has become the Holy Grail for small business marketers. There's no better way to create a stir when a business has no brand recognition and very little advertising budget. Here is a formula for going viral everyone can follow. Enjoy!

mark di somma

Mark Di Somma: 5 Big Questions to Determine Your Brand’s Purpose

You're building a powerful brand for your business, but there's something missing. You have a great business model and a great product or service. Still your target audience doesn't seem to care. Here's how to determine your brand's purpose.. It may make all the difference.


Imagining Some Top Brands as Brews

If top brands like Facebook or Nike had their own beers, what might they taste like? This is exactly the question custom T-shirt creator Printsome tried to answer with "Beer-tualising." It's a series of designs guaranteed to make you see your favorite brands in a whole new light. Take a look.

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Getting Harder and More Important

Content marketing is a simple enough concept. Instead of a sales pitch, provide quality content to your readers that they will truly want to read and share. But as simple as the concept is, effective content marketing is anything but easy. Because quality content doesn't just happen.

office furniture

Good Office Furniture Can Be a Good Marketing Tool, Too

Take the furniture in your office seriously. It's more than just a couple of mismatched chairs and desks or a place to park yourself for the day -- or at least it should be. Comfort is certainly important, but so is appearance. What experience does good office furniture create for customers?

email marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing Segmentation

In a world of increasing marketing channels and options, it's important not to forget what works. Here's a look at a tried and true marketing technique that still gets good results. Are you using email marketing segmentation?


SEO Landed This Small Business a Deal with Best Buy

A husband-and-wife team used their extensive knowledge of SEO to get their niche small business noticed by some bigger companies. Now, they have a nationwide contract to sell their accessory products at Best Buy stores.