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How Important is Local SEO to Your Business?

There's a sharp rise in the number of local online searches being conducted daily. That number increases alongside the use of mobile devices. Here are ways that a local SEO strategy will benefit your enterprise company and how to implement one.

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Video Marketing for Everyone: No Video Recorder Required

If your small business is eager to start a video marketing campaign but a little lost on where to start, here are a few pointers. You can try one of these four alternatives to videos in which you just explain your product in front of a camera.

email marketing

5 Ways to Integrate Your Email Marketing App and Work Smarter

Email marketing should be an essential part of any advertising and marketing campaign that your small business conducts. Here's how to keep your campaign organized and integrated with the rest of your small business operation.

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Keeping an Eye on the Competition — Sort Of

Besides your direct competitors, you may want to check out your indirect competitors too. These are folks who may be targeting the same market, but perhaps are selling a different product or service than you. Why are they important? Read on.

blockbuster marketing

Marketing a Small Business Like a Hollywood Blockbuster

Small businesses couldn't possibly take cues from Hollywood blockbusters, right? Wrong! In fact, the marketing behind a box office hit can be emulated by small businesses. Check out how to follow the same path to stardom starting today.

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The First 5 Things to Do After Getting Your Business Online

If you're just getting your business online or you've had an online presence of some kind for years, there are 5 critical steps you should take right away to keep your business -- and presence online -- going forward.

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