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For specified, personal marketing tips and insights – be sure to use our Competitive Intelligence Tool to research your business. Target your market, map out locales, and discover how your business compares to your industry and local area by revenue, size, age, etc. Or simply browse this section for small business marketing tips, advice and insights about small business branding, email marketing, social media marketing and much more.


3 Questions to Ask Before Ghostwriting to Amplify Your Brand

Ghostwriting could be a great way to advance and amplify your brand. If you've got the ability to produce content for others and potentially benefit yourself, ask these three questions before agreeing to any assignments.

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10 Ideas for Improving Your Business Website

Your small business website is the online face of your business. But what do you put on your site. Members of the small business community, this week, shared some helpful tips on building a better business website.

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Have You Heard of the Flat Lay or Boho Design Trends?

If you haven't heard of the Flat Lay design or the Boho design trend, you should check out the 2016 Creative Trends report from Shutterstock. These visual styles will be especially important for websites, social media, and content marketing in 2016.

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Controversial Ad Blockers: Ask Customers to Just Say No to Them?

Forbes recently asked its readers to turn off ad-blocking software on their smartphones and tablets. The move was met with some resistance but offering something in exchange for the request got more people on board. How can you ask your customers to do the same?

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28 Webinar Services for Small Business Owners

A good webinar tool can transform how a small business operates and it can also change how it interacts with customers and the public. Learn what a good webinar tool can do and how to pick the best one for your small business.

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14 Business Photography Tips for Products and Services

Great photos help move great products. Taking a great product shot or taking a photo that best shows the public what your service-based business can provide takes a little work but the payoffs are worth it.

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What Can You Learn From Chipotle About Rescuing Your Brand?

Chipotle Restaurant's reaction to a food poisoning scare in 2015 may have injured the company's reputation and the trust it had built with a solid customer base. Here's how your business can bounce back from a similar event and how not to react like Chipotle.

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Use “Gift” as Keyword For Valentine’s Day Marketing

Planning on a special marketing effort for Valentine's Day this year? New data suggests that using the word "gift" is a must in a promo and don't forget about singles, who also tend to spend more on a day that targets couples.