October 6, 2015

Marketing Tips

craft beer

Craft Beer and Spirits a Hit with Millennials

Marketing beer, wine and spirits has changed majorly in the last few years. Millennial buyers seem more interested in locally sourced products than ever before. And they don't mind paying more for these specialties.

lego youtube

YouTube Creates Highest Brand Engagement, ListenFirst Reports

Your business may not be in the same league as mega brands liked LEGO and Hasbro. But a recent study shows how important social engagement may be to the top earning companies. And it may help you decide what social channels will give your brand the greatest boost too.

linked in mobile

Why Isn’t Your Video on LinkedIn?

If you're executing a small business video marketing campaign, the natural inclination is to post to the old standbys: your company website and YouTube. But don't forget about LinkedIn.

near me search

8 SEO Tools That Track Local Google Rankings

With the amount of local mobile searches on the rise every day, having a wise local marketing strategy is necessary. Here are 8 tools that will help amplify your local search results.

colored pencils

Should You Crowdsource Your Logo Design?

Thinking of creating your company's logo but a little overwhelmed by the thought of it not being good enough? This may be a job for crowdsourcing. Lots of designers are ready now to craft your company's logo and keep you on budget in the process.

labor day

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Labor Day Holiday While Automation Works for You

When you have a lean staff and limited resources, many small business owners have little or no choice. They must shoulder some of the responsibility for completing tasks themselves. But how can entrepreneurs avoid burning themselves out? How can they take a break without letting customers fall through the cracks?


Stolen Content May Not Be So Bad After All

The content you're creating for your website may be so good that others are trying to use it for themselves. This type of burglary though, may not always be a bad thing for your business.


4 Content Writing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

As a content writer, you know that creating compelling copy is the best way to influence your customers and market your client's products. Here are some simple tips to consider that will help you transform your writing.


Don’t Just Enter a New Market — Create One

A company like Netflix wasn't exactly a trailblazer when it started. We all rented movies in the past. But the video sharing and streaming service found a way to create its own market. It could be argued that it's doing quite well now. Can your small business create its own market, too?

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