November 28, 2015

Marketing Tips

Marketing get your business media coverage

28 Ways To Get Your Business Media Attention

Knowing how to get media coverage can have a huge impact on your brand's exposure. There are surefire ways to get your business media attention -- as well as things you definitely should NOT do. Check out these tips.

Marketing butter spread

5 Ways To Spread Content, Whatever It Is

Your great content is only as good as its reach. It doesn't matter if it's Pulitzer or viral worthy stuff. If no one's reading or viewing it, there's almost no point. Here's how to get your message spread around the Web and enjoyed by many.

google shopping insights

Google Shopping Insights Tells You What Customers Want – Now

Google Insights provides heat maps to show geographically which searches are hottest in what areas of the country. It's another tool that arms small businesses with a little more information to make an informed and targeted marketing decision.


Get Better Email Responses with These Tips

You can multiply the effectiveness of any emails you write -- whether for business or marketing purposes -- depending upon how you write them and when you send them.

halloween marketing ideas

15 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

As the seasons change -- and the leaves in some parts of the country, too -- thoughts turn to costume parties, Fall jackets, and all things pumpkin flavored. Here are some great ways to incorporate Halloween and autumn into your business.