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Death to Comic Sans: The Ugliest Fonts to Avoid

Creative Market looked at some of the ugliest fonts in use today. Arial, Comic Sans, Papyrus ... look around; they're probably in use at your office right now. Designers say these fonts need to stay off documents and signage immediately.


6 Webinar Mistakes Along with Actionable Solutions

Webinars can be a powerful marketing tool and an important way of keeping in touch with leads. If you don't avail yourself of this tool in your business, it's something to consider. Here are six webinar mistakes that could derail your efforts, along with solutions to resolve them.


Bootstrapping a Web Design Business with a Few Basic Tools

It used to be that bootstrapping a web design business was a bit of a costly and time-intensive venture. That's definitely not the case these days. There are plenty of tools available to small businesses today that make this easier and far less expensive.


Neil Patel On Building A Brand With Purpose

Marketing expert Neil Patel shares his expertise on the topic of brand purpose. A brand is not just a fancy logo and slogan; there must be a purposeful message attached to it.

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Blogger Babes Teach You How to Blog for Profit

If you love blogging and think you can make a business out of it, there are several key considerations and steps you'll need to take. The popular Blogger Babes share some insight with Small Business Trends.

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11 Ways to Build Solid, Strong, Lasting Business Relationships

It's an accepted axiom that relationships are important in business. So then why do some entrepreneurs spend so little time building and nurturing healthy relationships? Don't wait until you need a partner, customer or favor to start reaching out.

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How to Use a Pop-Up Shop to Build Your Business

Take your small business on the road, or to the beach, or to a festival ... With the increasing popularity of pop-up retail spaces, a lot of small (and big) businesses are extending their locations to increase sales and boost brand awareness.

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The A-Z Guide of Conversion Friendly Content Marketing for B2C Marketers

Conversion can mean different things in different businesses. Sometimes it means capturing a visitor's contact information or getting him or her to sign up for your newsletter. Sometimes it means making a sale. The content on your site plays a huge part. So how can you improve results?


Uh Oh, Apple iOS 9 May Be a Mobile Ad Killer

Apple's launch of iOS 9 later this year will also trumpet the introduction of AdBlock. This is an app that will allow iPhone users to block most of the mobile ads they might normally see.