May 25, 2016

Marketing Tips

For specified, personal marketing tips and insights – be sure to use our Competitive Intelligence Tool to research your business. Target your market, map out locales, and discover how your business compares to your industry and local area by revenue, size, age, etc. Or simply browse this section for small business marketing tips, advice and insights about small business branding, email marketing, social media marketing and much more.

google clickjacking

Google Busting Publishers Using Clickjacking

Clickjacking, also known as a "UI redress attack," happens when the appearance of a website is changed so that a victim does not realize they are taking an important action, in this case clicking on ads.


30+ Places to Promote Your Blog On The Web

Drive more traffic to your website or blog by doing a little extra legwork. Here are more than 30 places and ways to increase your site's exposure and boost its traffic.


How to Easily Analyze Your Business Data

Technology is bringing small business the ability to draw data from their activities and not just in a series of blase numbers, either. All this business intelligence is a boon to any small business owner depending on how they use it.


Tappyn Introduces Crowdsourced Copywriting Services

Tappyn connects small businesses on tight marketing budgets with freelance ad copy writers who compete to write the best two-line ads. Winning writers get paid $50 for their work and businesses get the ad copy they want.

puppy chart 4

Puppies 62 Percent More Popular Than Kittens in Marketing

Leverage the power of puppies in your next marketing campaign. Cat lovers, sorry - puppies are WAY more popular than kittens when it comes to visual content. How do we know? There's data from Adobe Stock to back that up.

cocacola pepsi

Iconic Brand Rivals Undergo Logo Swap

The company Printsome took a unique look at some of the most iconic brand logos and then swapped them with their rivals. Check out the results.

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