September 1, 2015

Marketing Tips


6 Plucky Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is the key to any business. But how do you get your brand to be identified as the name associated with even generic terms for products? Follow these tips for creative ways to build brand awareness to help build your brand.

branding mistakes to avoid

3 Branding Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid for Ultimate Success

Some companies have risked throwing away all their success because of something they said or posted on the Internet. All that hard work, gone with one regrettable click or tap of the finger. Here are some branding blunders to avoid with your business.


4 Influencer Marketing Tools You Need to Manage Campaigns

A marketing campaign is really only as effective as your means to track how those receiving it react to your message. Here are 4 tools that help you get the most data from your marketing campaign and help you use it.

cafe artscience

The Bar of the Future Serves More Than Just Drinks

Cafe ArtScience is one company changing the bar scene entirely. It's found a niche by changing the state -- literally -- of drinks. And this is just one bar that's innovating to stand out among competition.

yp ads

ypDisplay Reinvents Mobile Display Ads for Small Business

Your company's potential customers are using their mobile devices more and more. So, reaching them there is becoming more important. YP says it has a new product, ypDisplay, that allows you to reach customers even when they're not searching for your business.


Advanced Analytics with These Google Add Ons

Looking for more in-depth data from Google Analytics? The company has introduced seven new add-ons that allow you to get more detail about the visitors to your site.

video production

These Video Marketing Tips Will Boost Your Sales

Videos are now almost essential when marketing your small business. No one is expecting production qualities on the level of a Super Bowl ad or something off a Hollywood set. But good video content can go a long way to growing your business. Here's how to do it effectively.