November 27, 2015

Product Lists

The Small Business Trends Editors bring you these hand-curated lists of best products and resources for your business.

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Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks 2

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks, Top Picks for 2015

If there are enough tech geeks on your shopping list this year to fill their own list, check out list of this year's hot tech gadget gifts. It's got everything from printers that fit in your pocket to suitcases that charge your phone.

red gift

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas for 2015

If someone on your list is in need of a new tablet this year, consider springing for one of these top models to hit the market this year.


32 Places to Publish Your Business eBook

Publishers of business eBooks, rejoice. The Web is awash in marketplaces for you to shop your titles. Here are 32 of the best we've found.

best business gifts under $100

Check Out These Business Gifts Under $100

When you run a small business, everything needs to be on a budget. Here are some ideas for giving business gifts that will leave an impression without breaking the bank.

Best Business Gifts Under 25

Best Business Gifts Under $25 for 2015

You know sometimes you have to reign in the budget in your business. You've got to decide between things that would be nice to spend on but aren't really necessary and things that are absolutely vital. Here's a way to cut back on the gifts you send your clients without making it look that way.

small gift

Best Business Gifts Under $10 for 2015

There's something to the adage, the best things come in small packages. For less than $10, you can give a thoughtful gift this season. Here are some nifty gifts that let you spread the cheer a little more this year.


15 Home Office Printers for Your Business

With so many electronic forms of communications these days, it seems almost implausible that a printer could serve a meaningful role in the 21st Century small business office, but it does. And here are some choices that fit any business's budget or needs.