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13 Small Business Alternatives to WordPress

Not every small business website has to be built using the WordPress platform. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to it. Here is a look at some popular and useful alternatives to building your business's website using WordPress.


Sell Smarter Using Sales Intelligence Solutions

Sales Intelligence is a term you may not have heard before but expect to hear it more in the future. The concept involves mining the multitude of data available to small businesses and generating sales leads.


Best Freelance Sites and Outsourcing Services for Business

There are times your business will be looking to hire for a very specific kind of project or will be looking for a very specific kind of service. At times like these, it's nice to have a list of places on the Web where you can get the help you need when you need it.

Business Independence work at beach

Enjoy Your Vacation, Work When Necessary With These Essential Apps

Mobility is hugely important to small business owners and with good reason. Even when out of the office -- say while on vacation, for example -- it can be important to stay in touch with customers, clients or perhaps a small staff keeping things going. Here's a collection of business productivity apps and solutions that may help.


Want Satisfied Customers? Try Online Invoicing Apps

In this time of customer relationship management, every activity is undertaken to both decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction, even in online invoicing and billing. Self-service portals help meet these goals.


10 Electronic Signature Options and Why You Should Use Them

Collecting electronic signatures is nothing new. Some companies have been in business for decades. But small business owners have a few more choices these days on how they'll go about collecting e-signatures. Here are 10 companies that offer the service to small businesses.