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windows photo editor

9 Photo Apps for Windows 10 to Spruce Up Your Images

If your small business has photo editing needs but doesn't have the budget to afford one of the top photo editing apps on the market, Windows 10 offers some alternatives that'll help you get the job done at an affordable cost.

Satya NadellaEDIT

Here Are 6 New Devices from Microsoft’s Mega Event

In a a recent in New York, Microsoft unveiled a fleet of devices including Lumia phones, the latest iteration of the Surface Pro and the first version of HoloLens to be put on the market. Read on.

ios9 screens

9 Savvy Ways to Use Apple iOS 9 for Small Business

Apple doesn't often tout itself as being small business friendly but its new iOS 9 mobile operating system is full of new features that a lot of small businesses should find rather useful.

windows 10

25 Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Give that mouse hand a break! Windows still features a bevy of keyboard shortcuts and there are even more now with the release of Windows 10.

amazon fire 6 pack

Amazon Has Four New Tablets, Including One for Just $50

Amazon's latest Kindle Fire tablet has a price tag of just $50. At that price, you may be thinking of getting more than one and the company is willing to give one away for free. You just have to buy five of them.


13 Small Business Alternatives to WordPress

Not every small business website has to be built using the WordPress platform. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to it. Here is a look at some popular and useful alternatives to building your business's website using WordPress.


Sell Smarter Using Sales Intelligence Solutions

Sales Intelligence is a term you may not have heard before but expect to hear it more in the future. The concept involves mining the multitude of data available to small businesses and generating sales leads.