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Retail Sites You Didn’t Realize Had Business Programs

A lot of big retailers have special buying and membership programs -- even special sites -- exclusively for business owners. Check out this list of retailers you may not have been aware had these programs.


How a Lenient Return Policy Can Actually Boost Sales

Retailers are likely aware that there is a rise in the number of returned purchases. And that figure is only going to grow with more merchants and more shoppers worldwide. Are you aware that having a lenient return policy may actually help boost your small business's sales?

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Do Your Retail Customers Have the Fitting Room Blues?

If you're running a retail clothing shop or any business that requires the use of changing rooms, pay attention to the small details. Keeping these rooms updated, clean and welcoming is a good way to keep your customers coming back.

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What the Number One Customer Service Retailer Teaches Us

To be the best, sometimes it's best to do what the best do. That's especially true for customer service. And what does a new study reveal to be the key behind one of the best-rated companies in customer service? It's customer service speed.

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Are Comparison Apps Making Competitive Pricing More Imperative?

Comparison apps available to mobile-ready shoppers allow them to look at items in your store and find it cheaper online. How do you beat the app and get a potential online shopper to just buy it while they're checking it out in your store?

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5 Ways Mobile POS Apps Will Supercharge Your Small Business

The cash register as we once knew it is so 20th Century. For small businesses to adapt to all the changes in retail sales, they need to get a mobile point-of-sale system. Here's some helping picking one right for your small business.

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20 Secrets for the Best eCommerce Pricing

One of the most important steps in the process of creating and managing your eCommerce store is setting the price on items. Here are tips on getting the price right.

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9 Retail Trends Tips for 2016 You Need To Know Now

Change is inevitable, especially in retail. Small businesses that endured the many changes that happened last year should be a little more prepared for the many changes that will likely happen this year in retail.

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Mobile Payment Platforms For Small Business

Mobile payment platforms give small businesses the ability to take payments from customers in new ways and in new places. There are plenty out there. Here's a primer on using them and some of the more popular services currently available.