December 2, 2015

Retail Trends

self gift

Self-Gifting: 6 Ways to Profit From a Hot Holiday Trend

The holiday season is a great time for small businesses to boost their annual sales figures by offering deals to shoppers looking for gifts for friends and families. But it's also a great time to target shoppers looking for deals for themselves, too.

star rating

How to Dig Deeper with Customer Reviews

Online reviews of products can impact sales drastically but it's important for business owners and consumers to understand some of the motivations behind both positive and negative reviews and what to do about them.

Online Store

34 Suggestions for Creating Your First Online Store

Whether you're creating an eCommerce site as a new venture or an expansion of an existing business, this article should help. In it, eCommerce veteran Steve Chou gives you the benefit of his experience when building your first online store.

frustrating your customers

Is Your Call Center Frustrating Customers?

If you've noticed an increase in frustration from customers who contact your call center for help, you'e not alone. Research suggests frustration felt by customers contacting call centers is increasing. But it may not be the call center experience alone that's responsible.