September 4, 2015

Retail Trends

grocery store

Use the 5 Senses for a Great Customer Experience

Your neighborhood grocery store has mastered the art of seducing the senses. And there's no reason your retail business shouldn't do the same. Whether you sell yummy produce or the latest fashions, learn to plug into your customers on a whole new level.

pinterest pins

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Store Sales

Pinterest only recently added Buy buttons to its platform and capabilities. Outside of that obvious benefit to small businesses, the social media site is also a great resource to determine what you should be buying for your small business next season.

ice cream shop

What’s the Right Price for Your Products?

What's the right price for your products? There are lot of factors to consider. Here's a rundown of what you should be thinking about before attaching a price to your products.

ren faire main

Selling Wine with a Bit of Drama

For a few months a year, the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Pennsylvania transforms its grounds into a Renaissance-era village, complete with royal court, period food, performers, and of course, wine. The event is attended by thousands every year.


15 Reasons Customers Abandon Your Cart and Solutions

For eCommerce business owners, it may be one of the most important questions to answer. Why do customers abandon your cart after loading it with items? It may be more important than the question of what get customers to your site in the first place. Here are some much needed answers.

atreat soda

What’s a Brand Worth Once Your Business Has Failed?

There's a plan in place to save the beloved Pennsylvania soda company, A-Treat. It was once a local favorite but poor business decisions forced it off store shelves this year. Is there enough brand loyalty among consumers to save it?


7 Lessons You Can Learn From the Top 100 Retailers

STORES' Top 100 retailers list this year reveals that the traditional brick-and-mortar shop is enjoying a revival of sorts. And there is a lot a small business brick-and-mortar can learn from the top retailers in the country.


Need to Move Summer Stock? Follow Amazon Prime Day Model

It's like a Christmas in July sale for Amazon Prime members today. The online retailer is offering what they deem even better deals - and free two-day shipping, of course - to its Prime members today only.


Let’s Get Physical: Why Shoppers Still Love Real-World Stores

Don't think customers have completely abandoned physical stores for the opportunity to shop online. In fact, there are many studies suggesting it just isn't so. Consumers, including Millennials, continue to swarm to physical stores. But what does the future state of retail hold?