November 25, 2015

Retail Trends


Amazon Takes Aim at Etsy with Handmade

The new Handmade at Amazon should look familiar. The service is obviously targeting the same craftspeople and the same customers as another well-known handmade goods site.

feedback form

Why You Should Encourage Customers to Complain

No small business owner really wants to hear what they're doing wrong. But the customer is always right, right? So, if they're complaining, you should be listening; and here's why.

amazon webstore

Amazon Webstores Merchants May be Headed to Shopify

When Amazon Webstore closes next year, many of the merchants using that platform are likely to have already migrated to Shopify. Amazon has named it as its preferred migration partner and the move should bolster Shopify's dominance in the eCommerce platform segment.

phone shopper

Should You Offer The Retail Service Customers Are Clamoring For?

Your customers may love the ease of buying products from your business from their phones or tablets but a growing number of consumers want the ability to pick up their purchases themselves. Will your retail business offer this trending service to your customers?


With Great Customer Loyalty Comes Great Responsibility

If your small business has earned itself a bit of a following among regular customers, there's an added responsibility on your shoulders now. Yes, loyal customers can bring about an added set of expectations from your company and brand.

shipping warehouse

Drop Shipping Pros and Cons for eCommerce

Small businesses that rely on a drop shipping model save themselves the brunt of the hard work involved with the shipping process. However, it's not all fun and sales. There are drawbacks, too.


Use the 5 Senses for a Great Customer Experience

Your neighborhood grocery store has mastered the art of seducing the senses. And there's no reason your retail business shouldn't do the same. Whether you sell yummy produce or the latest fashions, learn to plug into your customers on a whole new level.

pinterest pins

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Store Sales

Pinterest only recently added Buy buttons to its platform and capabilities. Outside of that obvious benefit to small businesses, the social media site is also a great resource to determine what you should be buying for your small business next season.