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cookie businesses online

12 Yummy Cookie Businesses on Etsy

Enjoy this mouth-watering sampling of cookie businesses online that are selling cookies and similar baked goods on Etsy.


Are You Putting Too Much Trust in Machines to Serve Your Customers?

Customers appreciate the ease that automation brings to their shopping experiences but offer bad customer service and they'll walk away. So, is your small business's reliance on automated processes as part of their overall experience having them look for alternatives?


Small Business Friendly Metro Areas

New data from the J.P. Morgan Chase Institute reveals which U.S. cities are hotbeds for spending at small businesses. Big metro areas, like New York City, lead the way.

peer armies

What are Peer Armies?

What is a peer army? For those who haven't heard the term before, this is a revolutionary way to mobilize your superfans to grow your brand. But beware. This approach requires considerable effort from your company and that you give the participants something in return.

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How to Get More Customer Engagement on Your Website

Your website should be more than just a place to showcase your products and business. It should also serve as a place to interact with your customers and curious shoppers. Check out these 5 easy-to-implement features to your site that boost customer engagement.

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5 Ways for Small Retailers to Invest in Their Stores

It seems all the concern these days is maintaining or even just creating an ecommerce site for your small business. Don't forget your brick-and-mortar store, though. Here are 5 things you can do to keep your physical store looking fresh.


Costco Eyeing Expansion to Offer Small Business Benefits

Costco is believed to be on the verge of a major expansion of its Costco Business Centers. These shops -- including the dozen or so already open -- are targeting small businesses, specifically, as their main customers.

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