October 6, 2015

Retail Trends


Here Come the Yuccies! Is Your Business Ready?

Hipsters are dead. Apparently, they have been for some time. From that cultural clique comes something different. They're being called "yuccies" and they're a mix of yuppies and hipsters. Targeting them as potential customers will be a challenge, though.


Bombas Socks Has Buy-a-Pair, Donate-a-Pair Retail Model

Socks maker Bombas has a unique twist on the popular BOGO marketing campaign. For every pair of socks it sells, it's agreeing to donate a pair to people in need. The campaign has more than exceeded expectations.


Customers Pay by the Minute at This International Coffee Chain

A coffee shop naturally lends itself to being a hangout. But for a lot of coffee shops, that usually means customers sitting around not spending money, nursing a single cup. At a new shop outside London, England, customers drink for free and pay for the time they're there.

yelp shoptiques 2

Yelp Adds eCommerce for Local Boutiques

Yelp is partnering with Shoptiques.com to offer its visitors and reviewers the ability to buy directly with high-end retailers on the boutique eCommerce site.

ebay ads

Ebay Unveils Advertising Service for Sellers

If you're looking for more sales on your ebay items, the auction-style website has announced plans for a seller's advertising program to boost the visibility of your products.

ugly sweaters

Tipsy Elves Stumbles Out of Ugly Sweater Niche

Tipsy Elves has capitalized on the ugly Christmas sweater fashion trend. But rather than limit its potential income to the holiday season, the company has expanded its line to offer more than just sweaters.

i am chewie hoodie

“I am Chewie” Hoodie: Fan Art, Created Legally

People can take their fandom of shows, characters, and virtual worlds to extremes. Some of those fans are making a few extra bucks by designing fan art merchandise and apparel -- legally licensed -- at welovefine.

new house

Millennial Home Buyers to Spur Retail Growth

More than just realtors can benefit from a hot housing market for Millenials. Retailers, decorators and others can reap more sales from this new generation moving into new homes.


Walmart is Gearing up to Take on Amazon Prime

The retail giant is gearing up to test a new unlimited shipping service similar to Amazon Prime, but at half the cost. Is a "Walmart Amazon Prime" coming our way?

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