Small Biz Spotlight

The Small Business Spotlight is a series of quick, fun interviews that profile successful small businesses, called the Small Biz Spotlight. To apply to have your business appear in a spotlight feature, read the FAQs and start the application process. If you’d like to sponsor the Small Business Spotlight, please contact [email protected]

shadow team

Spotlight: Shadow Consolidates Online Reviews in One Place

The online startup Shadow aims to be a one-stop shop for consumers to get reviews on just about anything. The difference with Shadow is that it collects reviews from multiple sites and presents them in one spot.

wonolo founders

Spotlight: Wonolo Can Find Your Business Extra Help

Building a team for your small business can take time. But what about when you just need some extra help for a special project, extra busy time or special event? This small business prides itself in helping find those people fast.


Spotlight: Veteran Finds New Challenge in Window Genie Franchise

When Duane Turner's military career started winding down, there was no doubt in his mind what his next move would be. Turner had worked with entrepreneurs in the military and became so impressed with the lifestyle, he had to take the plunge himself.

DrumUp Office

Spotlight: Win Social Media Marketing Freedom with DrumUp

Declare your freedom from endless hours spent tweaking your social media marketing campaigns. The creators of an app called DrumUp have an idea they say will put that time to more productive use. Check out the details here.


Spotlight: SketchyLaw Creates Visual Depictions of Laws

Some people just don't learn as well from lectures and books as they do from more visual information. For people who fit into this category and happen to be studying for the Bar exam or for classes in law school, there's SketchyLaw. Learn more about this unconventional educational business here.

htc communications

Spotlight: HTC Communications Puts Team Work First

HTC Communications LLC has been serving the Cleveland area with WiFi and networking solutions. As a small business, it believes that customer service and treating its team like family and that family working as a team is key to its success.


Spotlight: Build Customer Loyalty with Loyalzoo

Big companies have the resources to create professional-looking loyalty programs that have people coming back in droves. A new app, Loyalzoo, has created a tool for small companies to do the same.