September 22, 2014

Small Business News

Default-Image-4 Plans a Better Twitter

The days of Twitter and some other social networks may be numbered, if founder Dalton Caldwell has his way. Caldwell's new social network operates on a …

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Digg Returns with New Design

A few weeks ago we ran a roundup about the descent of Digg from one-time social media pioneer to failing Web business sold off bit by bit to a variety of …

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Ebay Introduces Same-Day Delivery

Following moves by several other online companies including Amazon, Ebay has announced its own experimentation with same-day delivery called Ebay Now. The move …

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Google Announces Service Shutdowns

Google announced it will soon be discontinuing some services in order to focus on others that are much more popular with users. If some of these lesser-used …

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Go Daddy CEO Steps Down

Every Internet entrepreneur knows the importance of good Internet hosting, and the misery that can ensue when hosting problems occur. Heck, just look at our …

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Facebook Stock Continues to Slump

Facebook stock continues its downward slide, but it may be too early to panic. There are signs the company's revenue base is continuing to expand and, of …

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Facebook Barely Meets Income Goals

Since a disappointing IPO, Facebook has struggled to impress investors. This quarter, the social network struggled to meet revenue goals, and growth is slower …

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