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How to Adapt to Failure, New Work Models and More

From adapting to failure to adopting new work models, members of the small business community have seen and done it all. Let their experiences inform you. Check out this list of helpful tips from others like you who can help make your business great.


Gmail Undo Send, New Tech Partnerships Make Headlines

An new Gmail feature will help you avoid shame and embarrassment even after you've pushed save. But that little feature is just the tip of the iceberg. Read this week's Small Business Trends news roundup for all the stories affecting your small business this week.

facebook engineer

Facebook Authorship, Store Locators Pique Small Biz Interest

Small businesses use technology to put their fledgling companies on the map. Facebook authorship and store locators are merely the latest tools. See this latest list of resources including technology and tips from the small business community.

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Office for Android, Web Domain Privacy Make Headlines

Small business owners who are always on the go - especially those using Android devices - got a lot of good news this week. Both Microsoft and Adobe made some of their more popular apps and services available to users of those smartphones and tablets. Updates on these and more in this week's Small Business News Roundup ...


10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

From techniques to help you bounce back after a failure to approaches that can boost your productivity, these secrets are things you will want to know too. They will make you better as an entrepreneur and help you build a better business.

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Bing, Apple Make Marketing Changes

If you do much online marketing for your business, listen up. Because guaranteed these changes will be of interest to you. No, they won't change whether you can market effectively online or not, but they may change your strategy.

Running Your BusinessEDIT

10 Essential Tips for Running Your Business Better

Do you want to run your business better? These members of the online small business community have some suggestions. From protecting your data to knowing your target customer and more, you won't want to miss this advice.

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Yelp, eBay Grab News Headlines This Week

You won't believe what's happening in eCommerce this week. If you sell products online you'll want to have a look. And it's not just what's happening at some of the big sites like eBay and Yelp. A new startup may be completely changing the game.


Master Email Marketing, Instagram Hashtags and More

From email to Instagram and beyond, marketing is changing for small businesses in the digital age. And those changes are impacting how effectively you can target your customers. Here are some thoughts to consider.


10 Ways to Market Your Business in a Changing World

You've probably thought of some of these ideas before. But you may not have thought of taking the approach that some of the experts gathered here advise. Be sure to check out this list of resources that will force you to think of marketing in a new ways.

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