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domain blocks

New Domain Options, Tweetable Business Cards Make Headlines

The amount of dot-com domain names is shrinking but luckily, there are a host -- pardon the pun -- of new domain extensions that could help better identify your business. Also, MOO has new business cards that let you Tweet right from them or even direct people to your mobile app. Read about these headlines and other newsmakers in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

skype group roundup

Skype Announces Mobile Group Calls, Samsung Creates VR Camera

Skype announced a big update to its mobile platform this week. Now, on mobile, group video chats now support up to 25 participants on mobile devices. This topped the week in small business news but others were making headlines, too. Check it all out in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

google testers

Google Seeks Small Business Owners as Trusted Testers

Would you like to be a "Trusted Tester" of products coming out for Google My Business and Google Ads? A new program may make it possible. If your business meets Google's list of requirements, you can sign up today.

ebay berlin

eBay Changes Strategy, Etsy Opens First Retail Store and More

eBay isn't the giant it once was but its CEO says that the company has plans at re-inventing itself, at least slightly, to remain a major player in the ecommerce arena. Read more about that and other top headlines in small business in this week's News and Information Roundup.

RIPtwitterroundup (1)

Twitter Denies Timeline Change, Periscope Users Given Legal Warning

Twitter users were up in arms this week when the learned that the site may be making a huge overhaul to its Timeline presentation. However, CEO Jack Dorsey says the rumors are untrue. See how that and other developments in the small business community unfolded this week in this News and Information Roundup.

drone pond

Drone Registration Up, New Cloud Accounting Software Announced

The FAA's drone registry system has gotten 300,000 unmanned aircraft registered in just its first month. Also, Sage has new cloud accounting software and Adobe has a new website tool for creative types. These headlines top a busy week for small businesses in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

handmade business on the rise

Handmade Business on the Rise, Business Failures Down

Small businesses that focus on making and selling handmade goods are on the rise and so are the services and products geared specifically toward them. Read about these updates and more in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

trending tweets

At Twitter: New Hashtag Ads Unveiled, Periscope Now Part of the Feed

Small business that use Twitter got some new ways to use the tool to expand their business and marketing reach. And for businesses that don't use Twitter, they're two good reasons to start. Read more about them and a whole week of news and information updates in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

planner roundup

Office 365 Planner Revealed, Google Updates Indexing System and More

Project planning and collaboration apps are aplenty these days but Microsoft has introduced another and this one works in sync with all your other Office apps. Check out the details on this and other headlines from the week that was in the Small Business News and Information Roundup.

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