August 27, 2015

Small Business Operations

screaming baby

Should a Business Owner Yell at a Screaming Child?

A Maine diner owner's decision to scold a screaming toddler has resulted in a mixed bag of emotions. The incident should serve as lesson for any small business owner: Think before you speak.

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Should You Diversify Your Products or Own a Niche?

Debating whether you should expand what your business offers or focusing on specializing in just one product or service? Check out these things to consider before you make that important decision.


Is Your Business Bleeding Money? Here’s How to Stop It

There's no sense in taking on new projects to expand your business if simply managing those projects causes your business to hemorrhage money. There are plenty of platforms that could help you manage projects. Here's a guide to picking the best one.

butterfly flower

How to Handle Working Alone When You’re a Social Butterfly

Working alone from home was a dream and then it became reality. Over time, the mingling social type has become the hermit. Sweatpants are the new slacks du jour, perhaps. Here's some sage advice on how to interject some social-friendly atmosphere into your stay-at-home career.


Minimum Wage Increase Proving Successful for Ikea Stores

Could a minimum wage increase be a shrewd business move? As labor markets improve and unemployment rates fall, recruitment and retention will become a greater challenge. Consider strategies that make your company more appealing to existing and perspective employees.

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11 Signs: When It’s Time to Fire Your Client

Clients are the key to your business's success. But sometimes they become an impediment too. When that happens it may be time to fire your client, Here are some signs you may have finally gotten to that point.


10 Small Business Trademark Mistakes that Cost You Money

Trademarks for your small business could be incredibly important not only now but in the future. They can help you protect your business and your brand if executed correctly, By contrast, small business trademark mistakes could end up costing you big time.