October 6, 2015

Small Business Operations

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Transitioning to Chip Card Technology #SmallBizChat

Small businesses face an important deadline in the adoption of EMV chip card technology. Get answers on that and what else these changes will bring to your small business during an upcoming Twitter chat.

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Is Office Music Causing Distractions?

That music piping into your office or workspace may not be providing the serene, work-promoting ambiance you think it does. In fact, music in the office may be a distraction and concentration breaker.


5 Common Objections to Forming a Corporation or an LLC

There comes a time when formalizing a business structure is necessary. And up to that point, some entrepreneurs will fight every inch of the way to avoid doing it. Here are 5 reasons why setting up an LLC or other corporate structure is the last thing anyone wants to do.

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What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Small businesses need to establish a communications plan, even if most of the team is working remotely from home or on the road. A recent study found that companies keeping in touch with their team members regularly and effectively have happier help.

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10 Things to Help You Finish the Year Strong

A business year is just that, a full year. A great start, an improving Spring and a prosperous summertime are only worth that if you don't finish the year with that same vigor. Here are ways to avoid petering out as the daylight hours get shorter and shorter.

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How Boosting Physical Fitness Leads to Better Business

If work has become a slog day in and day out, perhaps your physical fitness could be at least partly to blame. Here are ways to incorporate a fitness regime into your daily routine to make it less of a grind and increase your output.

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Conference Room Design Ideas for Your Business

The days of stuffy cubicles arranged about the office space appear to be over. If you want your team working effectively together, creating the right atmosphere in the workplace is essential. Luckily, it doesn't require an expensive remodel to make it happen.


Did You Know This About Email Subject Lines?

One of the most effective means of communicating with your customers is through email. But just because you hit Send doesn't guarantee your message is getting read. Here are some tips for writing proper Subject lines that are sure to get the reader's eye.


5 Hidden Costs of Running a Business

It seems no matter how prepared you think you are financially to run your small business, you're hit with something here or another thing there. These hidden costs can drain your budget in a hurry. Here are some tips to help you avoid the unexpected.

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Keeping Up With the Customer Service World Today

A warm greeting and a nice smile will only get you so far in the customer service game these days. Today's savvy consumers are looking for a lot more from their experience with your small business. Here's how to help make them feeling a little better when they're dealing with your company.

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