May 26, 2016

Small Business Operations

postal jeep

U.S. Postal Service REDUCES Postage Rates for Regular Mail

For the first time in almost a century, the U.S. Postal Service is dropping rates to send regular mail. That's right, a price DROP. The nearly 4 percent decrease in cost will affect letters, large envelopes or flats, and postcards.

next day airearly

UPS Renames Next Day Air, Adds Over 12,000 Zip Codes

UPS small business customers, meet UPS Next Day Air Early. The service will allow UPS to add 12,680 Zip Codes. In making the announcement, UPS officials say the service now reaches 94 percent of ZIP codes and 98 percent of businesses in the United States.

business group

Community Tips for Keeping Up with Business Trends

Some members of the small business community are really plugged in to today's hottest trends. And they're sharing the information they have with those who may not have time to stay up on the latest. They're included here in this week's Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

ICON photo2

Get More Done with New Products from Infusionsoft

At the ICON16 conference, Infusionsoft -- with a focus on small businesses -- introduced a set of new products designed to work together and not make operating them a job on its own.


Too Busy Doesn’t Equal Getting Lots Done

If you're a small business owner, being busy is part of the game. Being able to handle it -- namely, still getting work done despite being busy -- is key to your success.

roundup tools

Essential Tools You’ll Need to Run a Successful Business

From money apps to dashboards and so much more, this list contains some of the tools and resources that are absolutely necessary for today's entrepreneur. If you're not using some of these already, certainly trying them out could transform your business.

vintage office

Evolution of the Office: Times They Are a-Changin’

For some of us, the 1980s don't feel that long ago. But when you see how work got done back then, you realize just how long ago that really was. This infographic from Visually for Jive looks at changes in the workplace over nearly the last half-century.

snapchat apology

Snapchat Falls Victim to Major W-2 Phishing Scheme

The social media platform Snapchat recently revealed that it was the victim of a phishing scheme that caused it to release employee W-2 forms into the wrong hands. They're not the first and won't be the last. Check out how you can prevent being the next victim at your small business.

alphabet soup

“What Did They Just Say?” 75 Business Jargon Acronyms Explained

There are new terms entering the small business marketplace every day. And to make matters a little more confusing, it seems they all have acronyms before we've even learned what the long form means. Confused by all the letters and no words? Here's a handy guide to some of the most used small business acronyms today.

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