June 26, 2016

Small Business Operations


4 Types of Guarantees: What Are You Getting Into?

Making guaranties to your your customers is away to build trust. But in business there are other guarantees you may need to make too. Understanding what you are agreeing to is important since it could affect you personally and professionally down the road. So here is an overview of some of these guarantees and how they work.


Does Your Small Business Need to be ADA Compliant?

You've heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act, of course. And you've probably seen public accommodations for the disabled in many public buildings. But what are your responsibilities as a small business owner when providing access under the law?


Where Do We Draw the Line on Bots?

Bots are everywhere. And they're actually helping a lot of small businesses -- with far fewer resources -- perform more like big businesses. When will it get to be too much?

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