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Get More Done with New Products from Infusionsoft

At the ICON16 conference, Infusionsoft -- with a focus on small businesses -- introduced a set of new products designed to work together and not make operating them a job on its own.


Too Busy Doesn’t Equal Getting Lots Done

If you're a small business owner, being busy is part of the game. Being able to handle it -- namely, still getting work done despite being busy -- is key to your success.

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Essential Tools You’ll Need to Run a Successful Business

From money apps to dashboards and so much more, this list contains some of the tools and resources that are absolutely necessary for today's entrepreneur. If you're not using some of these already, certainly trying them out could transform your business.

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Evolution of the Office: Times They Are a-Changin’

For some of us, the 1980s don't feel that long ago. But when you see how work got done back then, you realize just how long ago that really was. This infographic from Visually for Jive looks at changes in the workplace over nearly the last half-century.

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Snapchat Falls Victim to Major W-2 Phishing Scheme

The social media platform Snapchat recently revealed that it was the victim of a phishing scheme that caused it to release employee W-2 forms into the wrong hands. They're not the first and won't be the last. Check out how you can prevent being the next victim at your small business.

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“What Did They Just Say?” 75 Business Jargon Acronyms Explained

There are new terms entering the small business marketplace every day. And to make matters a little more confusing, it seems they all have acronyms before we've even learned what the long form means. Confused by all the letters and no words? Here's a handy guide to some of the most used small business acronyms today.

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What is Business Casual Considered These Days?

The way we dress for work these days looks a lot different than it did, 25 ... 20 ... 10 ... heck, even 5 years ago. And the term "business casual" is interpreted about as loosely as the attire it implies, unless you're talking skinny jeans. So, what is "business casual" today and what does it look like?

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How to Avoid Desk Work Injuries in the Office

The more we become attached to our computers and mobile devices, we're becoming more attached to a bad posture and the increased likelihood of work-related injuries. How can you combat the possibility of suffering desk work injuries?


5 Tips from Top Leaders to Revolutionize Your Business

The establishment is out, apparently, these days. If you're a small business revolution seeker, then you may want to latch on to some advice of some big business revolutionaries. Here's advice from five well-known entrepreneurs.

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New Intel Initiatives for Small Business Technology Shared

A small business with its own IT department typically isn't a reality, at least for small businesses outside of the tech sector. But Intel Small Business Advantage is hoping to provide enough support to these companies to allay their possible need for a dedicated IT team.

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