October 9, 2015

Small Business Operations


Shotput Aims at Better Small Business Shipping Options

Shipping has always been a challenge for small businesses. But one company is making an effort to transform the logistics industry. Here's more about a service that allows crowdfunded startups and other small firms to get on an equal footing.

tornado damage

Disaster Preparedness Part Two: Why Communication Is Key

As much as you can prepare for an impending disaster, there's nothing you can do to prevent the actual even from happening. Here are tips from the Small Business Administration on what small businesses should do after disaster strikes.

coyote logistics

UPS to Acquire Coyote Logistics

UPS has completed a $1.8 billion purchase of Coyote Logistics, a subcontractor for the company that has software that should enable UPS to be more timely with its deliveries.

vacation work

What To Do When Vacations Are Over

Everyone talks about not coming back from a vacation but in reality, even the greatest break comes to an end. Here's how to prepare for the end of your next business vacation to transition back to work mode.

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