September 28, 2016

Small Business Operations


10 Ways to Cut Business Travel Costs (Video)

Frequent travel is a simple fact of life for some entrepreneurs. If you fall into this category, here's some good news. There are lots of ways to save big on travel expenses. Watch our video as a starting point then follow our links for further details.

9 Tips for Shipping Fragile Items for Your Business

9 Tips to Ship Anything Fragile for Your Business

Some businesses thrive on fragile merchandise, especially in the handmade niche market. And if your customer receives something broken, it's lost hard work, money, and your reputation at risk.

New Research Says that Plants that Clean the Air Can Make Businesses Safer

New Research Says Houseplants Can Make Businesses Safer (Watch)

Who knew a few ponytail and parlor palms could have such a benefit? New research shows that having houseplants in your office -- so, office plants then -- can help reduce the presence of dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds and other common toxins.

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