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intel property

What is Intellectual Property?

Check out this guide on what is considered intellectual property. And then figure out how much intellectual property your small business has ... it's probably more than you think.

S CorporationEDIT

The Benefits of an S Corporation

What kind of business structure is right for your company? S Corporations have numerous unique aspects that might work for your organization. Read Nelli Akalp's article on S Corporations to decide whether this format might work for your business.

business phone

16 Ways a Virtual Phone Service Can Help Your Business

As your small business gets bigger, there'll be a time when you need a professional phone system. Luckily, gone are the days of expensive and complicated phones. Today's virtual phone system can even tie all the mobile phones of your team members together.


What are Some Keys to Effective Communication

Being able to communicate effectively with your small business team will make things run a lot smoother. Here are some tips on optimizing your business communications.

install security camera (1)

10 DIY Tips for Choosing a Small Business Security Camera

Security is typically on the top of every small business's to-do list. And installing a security camera or camera system is a big step in protecting your business. Here are things to consider before installing that first camera.

shareto Builds Networks with Partners, Clients is offering the next in the line of all-in-one team collaboration communication tools for small businesses. The platform also supports intra-team video conferencing.

amazon business feature

What It’s Like to Shop at Amazon Business

Having an Amazon Business account should probably on your to-do list. The site offers a lot of benefits not only to help you save some money on products for your business but an account also works to integrate into your current business operations. Check out this walk-through of setting up an account, the purchase process and benefits to buying through Amazon Business.

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