September 28, 2016



Increase Your Sales With These Community Tips

Boosting sales should be on the top of any small business's priority list. Our community members have a lot of expert advice to share with your sales department this week. Check them out in our community news and information roundup.

retain customers

7 Tips On How To Effectively Retain Customers

For small businesses, getting customers is one important step toward success. Keeping them coming back for more is another, and just as important. How do you get people to visit your store or call for your services again?

b2b sales

How to Boost Sales by Becoming a Better B2B Seller

If your small business caters to other businesses, your marketing and sales techniques should be different than how you'd approach the average individual consumer. Check out these B2B sales tips on how to sell to businesses.

woodrow wilson

Take The “Pitch” Out Of The 30-Second Commercial

Small businesses, in order to keep up with the trends, need to tailor their marketing messages. While they need to continue to sell products to customers, they need to take the pitch out of their sales pitch.

checklist for negotiating a business deal final

Checklist for Negotiating a Business Deal

Here you'll find a realistic checklist for negotiating a business deal. This 9-point negotiating checklist has been honed specifically for small business.

online sale

Using Technology to Improve Your Email Sales

You might think in a world of social media and mobile marketing that the humble had lost its luster. Not so. Among small businesses we are told the medium still has its benefits and can be quite profitable. So what technology could you use to make it even more so?

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