This Beverage Company Demonstrates a Valuable Sales Lesson

If you want to learn how to increase your sales, figure out what your customers want first. This might seem like a very obvious piece of advice, but how to do you accomplish it? Ben Weiss, founder of Bai beverage company, shares one approach.

Sales bad reviews

How to Keep Bad Reviews from Hurting Your Business

Even the best small businesses have off days or don't hit greatness with every customer. It's hard -- or impossible -- to please everyone. So, a negative online review of any small business is inevitable. Here's how to react when your business only generates 1 star and some nasty comments.

Sales presentation

Don’t Forget About the Value of Sales Presentations

A small business's sales presentations are still critical to the goal of moving products and generating revenue. And with more lines of communication open to consumers than ever before, small business must ensure their sales presentations are working across all platforms.

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The 59 Commandments of Business Networking

As a small business owner, you're bound to meet lots of people. And if you're not, you should. So, in your travels and during networking sessions, you'll be wise to follow these commandments.

Sales mobile marketing

11 Ways to Generate Sales Leads Online

There are myriad ways to market your small business online but unless you're reaching your target audience directly, the chances of turning that effort into sales dwindles. Here are 11 tips to turn marketing pitches into sales for your small business.

Sales biz owner

The Need for a Human Face When Selling in a Crowded Market

When you're trying to make your product or service standout among a variety of others just like it, what's the first step? One possibility -- all other things being equal -- is to put a human face on what you do. A bit of personality can go a long way in any business.

Sales fantasy sales team

FantasySalesTeam Has Games that Make Sales Teams Better

Intra-office fantasy sports leagues are nothing new. But now your team can draft each other with Fantasy Sales Team. This app turns your sales people into commodities that can be drafted, traded, and coveted in a work-related game that's aimed at boosting sales and team building.

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5 Amazingly Helpful Sales Tips For Introverted Entrepreneurs

Do you have to an extrovert to successfully sell your product or service? Not at all, says Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of "Quiet Influence: The Introvert's Guide To Making A Difference," Here are some thoughts on how introverted entrepreneurs can be great influencers too.

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