February 7, 2016


Choosing the Right CRM

23 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM Software

CRM software has many benefits to small businesses. But that's only if you're adept at choosing the right CRM software for your particular business. Here's how to do that.

holiday shopper tablet

3 Tips for Supercharging Your Holiday eCommerce Now

The holiday shopping season is upon us and small businesses are missing an increasingly bigger piece of that retail action if they're not marketing and selling their products online, especially to mobile devices.

brain scans

How To Get Into The Mind Of Your Prospects

OK, so it may not be possible to literally get inside a potential client's head and understand they're thinking but getting a better understanding of their current situation will help you going forward.

surepayroll graph 2

Are You Paying Too Little Or Too Much in Sales Commissions?

How much do you pay your sales team in commissions? Would it surprise you to learn there is a considerable range of compensation out there? These results may get you thinking about how your own compensation sacks up, and what others in your industry are doing.

bad service

7 Effective Ways to Drive Customers Away

You read all day about how to attract new customers to your business but there are some sure-fire ways to drive the ones you have already, away from your small business.


Customer Service Lessons from a Jacksonville Taxi Driver

There's a Florida taxi service that's offering great customer service. How great? One of its passengers wrote a book based on his experience. And these customer service lessons are some any small business can replicate.