the pilot

3 Ways that Sales Leadership is Like Being an Airline Pilot

Sales may not seem much like, say, flying a Boeing 747, but you know, there are some similarities. If you don't believe that, well ... just take the window seat. The gentleman sitting next to you on this flight is sales manager Al Davidson and he may just change your perspective.

nicholas seafood

10 Tips on Pricing Your Product or Service

Entrepreneurs sometimes hear the advice that you should not compete on price alone. But in the end, pricing your product or service is important. So here are some tips to get you to the price you should be asking for what you do.

taylor swift

Learn Customer Retention from Taylor Swift?

When your business is struggling to retain customers, it doesn't hurt to look at how the masters do it successfully. In this case, take a look at how singer Taylor Swift has managed to keep a loyal following.

customer service robot

Is Customer Service Automation Frustrating Your Customers?

Automation is a huge trend even in small business these days. Creating systems in your business is important, especially if you plan to scale. Automation may be an easy solution, if you don't have enough employees (or if you are a solopreneur you can't be available for calls 24/7.) But the truth is there may be a backlash, if you take automation too far.

sales boost

Positivity is Key to Triggering a Sales Boost

So what influences someone to buy from you? Is it the quality of your product or service, the price the effectiveness of your marketing campaign? Well, maybe. But there are some other factors you may want to share with your sales team.


Alibaba Backs Businesses Purchasing Inventory from China

If your small business is considering a purchase from a Chinese supplier through eCommerce giant Alibaba, a new trade assurance program may offer some further guarantee that the products you buy will be quality or that you will be compensated accordingly.