September 3, 2015

Social Media

noise pollution

How Do You Get Your Message Heard Amid Social Media Noise?

There are handfuls of busy social media networks in use today. And your small business is likely participating in the noise they're making. So, how do you get your small business message to stand out among the rest?

stumble upon

Is StumbleUpon Crashing and Burning?

Things are going so well at StumbleUpon. Recent reports suggest the company failed to nail down any venture capital funding and the staff has been cut more than in half. What does that mean if you're advertising on StumbleUpon?

haha or lol

Majority of E-Laughs are Hahas, Facebook says

Facebook recently found out that not everything funny on the social media site is literally laugh-out-loud hilarious. In fact, a study conducted by Facebook on the e-laughs shared by its users revealed that most users laugh in text by using haha or hehe instead of the infamous LOL.


Another Photo App? What, If Anything, Makes Different?

The photo sharing site is adding social media functions that will engage its users more with each other and -- the company hopes -- attract a casual user. The site insists it will uphold its image quality standards that it believes remains its selling point.

social rubiks

12 Secret Social Media Hacks You Want To Try Now

Social media sites are so easy that children can manage their own accounts these days. But each platform has their own set of hacks that allow you to go beyond the simple and better control their accounts.

buy it

Get Your Business Ready to Sell on Social Media

If your small business isn't selling directly on social media because it's too complicated, nearly all major sites have made it easier. Almost all the major sites now feature some type of "Buy" action button that lets you sell directly from a social site.


What is Periscope and How Do I Use It?

Periscope is the hottest thing on social media right now. The live streaming app for Twitter is being used by thousands -- maybe more -- and small businesses can certainly take advantage of this new product. Here's a comprehensive guide to Periscope.

google plus

Google Separates More Features from Google Plus

There are more signs that the days are coming to an end for Google+. The company recently announced features for YouTube that separate it more from the scuffling social media network. And Google has also separated Google Photos from the site, too.