Social Media

Breaking hootsuite ads

New Hootsuite Tool Creates Your Facebook Ads for You

A new offering from Hootsuite allows you to manage your small business's ad posting on Facebook. And the social media management company says it plans to offer automated social media advertising services in the near future.


Outsourcing Social Media – Can it Be Inexpensive, Yet High Quality?

When you first hear it, the idea of outsourcing your company's social media responsibilities sounds bad. But $99 Social says it can provide your company personalized service ... and at a small business-friendly price. Read the role that training and automation play in providing a high-quality, yet low-priced service.

capturing live event

11 Steps for Promoting Your Live Event with Social Media

When promoting an upcoming event on social media, it's great to put up a little message on Facebook or Twitter telling people it's happening. But you know what? If that's all you're doing, you are seriously ignoring what social media can do.

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