November 25, 2015

Social Media


Ten Facts About the New Facebook Search

The new search tool on Facebook is pretty impressive but still limited to just what's on the social site. The company has a long way to go before competing with the likes of Google and Bing in Web searches.

facebook universal search

Facebook Search FYI Delivers Real Time Public Post Results

With more than 2 trillion posts already indexed from an estimated 968 active daily users, the amount of content on Facebook has become truly formidable. Now the social network is developing a way to search it much more easily.

boomerang instagram

Turn Photos into One Second Video with Instagram Boomerang App

The new Instagram Boomerang app allows users to create quick, one-second video clips (actually a GIF file) to share through their profiles. This presents some interesting marketing opportunities for small businesses that can take advantage of the power of a GIF animation.

what are twitter cards for business

What Are Twitter Cards and How Do I Use Them?

Twitter Cards are a relatively new feature to the social media site and they're a way to break free of the 140-character limit. Find out how to use them to boost engagement with your messages.

vine twitter

Twitter and Vine Entwine, Accounts Can Now be Integrated

Its now easier for your Twitter audience to see what you're up to on Vine and vise versa. The new feature should make it easier for your Twitter followers to see and connect with the Vine videos you're creating.

social media rockstar

21 Tips for Hiring a Social Media Rockstar

Some social media managers can be a boon for your business. Others ... well, they can do more harm than good. Here are some tips to consider when looking for someone to handle your company's social media activity.

facebook app draining battery iphone

Facebook Releases Fix for Battery Draining iPhone App

Is Facebook's mobile app a battery drainer? If the app is running in the background on your smartphone -- tracking your location and other details -- it's using functions on your device that could zap the power quickly.