November 26, 2015

Social Media

facebook app draining battery iphone

Facebook Releases Fix for Battery Draining iPhone App

Is Facebook's mobile app a battery drainer? If the app is running in the background on your smartphone -- tracking your location and other details -- it's using functions on your device that could zap the power quickly.

twitter polls

Get Customer Feedback Fast with New Twitter Polls

Now you can get a quick yes-or-no answer from your customers with the use of new Twitter Polls. The social platform has just announced them. Results are neatly displayed and can give your customers a quick sense of interaction with your company.

twitter friday breaking

New Twitter Conversion Lift Reports Will Show Ad Conversion

If you're getting better information about the impact of your Twitter campaigns, you'll spend smarter money on your marketing on the site. The company's new lift conversion reports may help you get that better information.


Ever Been Spammed By LinkedIn? You May Have Money Coming

If you're among the many people who received endless emails from LinkedIn encouraging you to connect with others on the social network, you may be entitled to a portion of the class-action lawsuit settlement just agreed to.

jack dorsey

Dorsey’s Return as Twitter CEO Shows Lessons Learned

Jack Dorsey is back at the helm of Twitter. He was removed as CEO previously because the board of directors felt his commitments were elsewhere. So, what can small businesses learn about his return?