May 27, 2016

Social Media

Use our Social Media Calendar Template to organize your social networking tasks to create a stronger, more targeted social media marketing strategy. Or simply browse this section for social media marketing advice and insights. Here you will find loads of information containing actionable social media marketing tips.

tweet binder

Tweet Binder Launches Reports for Instagram Insights

Tweet Binder is known for giving users the ability to get infographics and other visually appealing data from their social activity on Twitter. Now, the company is bringing a similar service for users' Instagram activity.

pinterest feature

2016 Pinterest Trends – What’s Next This Year?

Pinterest is not dead. Even though the site is getting overshadowed by other B-list social sites like Periscope and Instagram, Pinterest is still a great platform on which to engage your customers and attract potential new ones.

drip featyred

Music Subscription Service Drip Closes March 18

Indie musicians will not be taking news that Drip is closing lightly. The service allowed fans to connect with indie music acts and share their experiences with others in the community. The site is closing March 18.

messenger featured

Leaked Document Claims Ads Coming to Facebook Messenger App

Reports have surfaced suggesting Facebook is ready to place ads in its Messenger app. Millions are already using Messenger for free text texting and video calls and the purported plan would have Facebook dropping ads to clients into their Facebook inboxes.

facebook reactions feature

Will the New Facebook Emoticons be Helpful to Marketers?

Facebook has introduced new Reactions that go beyond the traditional Like button. Now, your readers can share a range of emotions with your posts. How can these Reactions be utilized by small businesses?

sprout social

Sprout Social Raises $42 Million

The social media engagement software company Sprout Social says it has raised another $42 million in venture funding. To date, the company has raised $60 million.

facebook live

What is Facebook Livestreaming?

The new live streaming option on Facebook will naturally lead to an increased use of live streaming. How can small businesses learn to use this product and apply it toward their business goals.

social profie

How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

If one of your social media profiles gets hacked, a lot of private data could get into the wrong hands quickly. And that means information about your small business, too. Here are ways to help prevent an account hacking.

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