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Use our Social Media Calendar Template to organize your social networking tasks to create a stronger, more targeted social media marketing strategy. Or simply browse this section for social media marketing advice and insights. Here you will find loads of information containing actionable social media marketing tips.

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Why Social Media Can Help (or Hurt) For a Small Business Loan

What your small business posts to its social media accounts, there are lots of things to consider about its reception. You may need to think of another reason to filter those posts ... it could impact your ability to get a loan.

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Have You Seen This List of Resources for Facebook Business Users?

You are likely using Facebook to improve your company's social media presence. And from time to time, there may be more than a few questions about what's available to you or how to use certain features. Luckily, Facebook has published plenty of guides to help. Here's a repository of those resources.

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Are You as Willing As Zuckerberg to Commit to a Cause?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg recently made a big announcement by saying he's giving 99 percent of the stock he holds in his company to his heir-to-be. Are you as willing to hand over your fortune (no matter how small) to the next in line in your family?