February 12, 2016


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11 Ways to Get High Quality Customer Feedback

No matter what else happens, what your customers say about you is most important. So, how are you listening to them? Here are some great ways to get some positive customer feedback about your company from your customers and their experience.


What the Latest Co-Working Spaces Offer Freelancers

Co-working and collaboration spaces for the growing number of freelancers are becoming more complex than their spartan beginnings. It's more than just a conference table and an Internet connection these days. Check out what some of the best collaboration spaces are offering freelancers these days.

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Should you Pitch First or Last at Demo Day?

If youi're in a group of startups about to demo their product or service to investors, is it best to go first, last, or somewhere in the middle. New data on who is going to be more successful may surprise you.

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Eat USA Seeks to Boost Small Food Businesses

Eat USA is looking to get back into the swing of things via a crowdfunding campaign. The company lost its entire inventory following the terrorist attacks of 2001 in New York.

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21 Entrepreneurs Who Failed Big Before Becoming a Success

Do you think highly successful people like Vera Wang, Jeff Bezos, or even the late George Steinbrenner were born with a great business acumen? Not at all true. In fact, these people and many others who've found great success now had some big missteps along the way.