February 5, 2016


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Should you Pitch First or Last at Demo Day?

If youi're in a group of startups about to demo their product or service to investors, is it best to go first, last, or somewhere in the middle. New data on who is going to be more successful may surprise you.

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Eat USA Seeks to Boost Small Food Businesses

Eat USA is looking to get back into the swing of things via a crowdfunding campaign. The company lost its entire inventory following the terrorist attacks of 2001 in New York.

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21 Entrepreneurs Who Failed Big Before Becoming a Success

Do you think highly successful people like Vera Wang, Jeff Bezos, or even the late George Steinbrenner were born with a great business acumen? Not at all true. In fact, these people and many others who've found great success now had some big missteps along the way.

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50 Low Tech Businesses You Can Start

In today's fast-paced, hi-tech world, there's still a great need for businesses that aren't necessarily based in technology. Check out these 50 low-tech businesses you can start.

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50 Unusual Pet Businesses to Start

People love their pets and they'll do almost anything to make them happy, no matter how it lightens their wallets. And for every oddball pet product and service out there, there's an entrepreneur behind it. Check out these 50 unusual pet businesses you can start.


5 Branding Mistakes that Can Lead to Expensive Legal Trouble

Your brand's unique trademark is a very valuable thing, of course. It's your company's identity to the public. And if you're very successful, not protecting that trademark -- or making some other grave mistake, like picking a duplicate name -- can prove very costly.


These Small Towns Across America Are Great for Startups

The dream for a lot of startup owners and entrepreneurs is to have a thriving business right in the middle of all the action. But what about those who crave the calm cool breezes of Anytown, USA? Check out these top small destinations for small businesses.

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50 Most Fun Home-Based Businesses

More and more businesses are being run from living rooms, basements, dens, and garages. That's because technology has allowed us to remove the traditional workspace in favor of the home. Here are 50 fun home-based businesses you can start with a little know-how and some extra space at home.