SuccessLab Founder Builds Community on Collaboration

Beth Cochran is a successful startup owner but says she felt like she was operating in a silo. That's when she decided to start SuccessLab, which she compares to a support group for other entrepreneurs in an interview with Small Business Trends.


10 Business Ideas for the Summer

Summertime means fun in the sun for a lot of people. But it's also a time that's teeming with seasonal small business opportunities. Check out this list of business ideas for the summer.

just fearless

A Willingness to Travel the World Has Helped This Entrepreneur Succeed

Have you always wanted to be a globe trotting entrepreneur? Then listen to the story of Kisha Mays. Mays is a business development consultant and founder of Just Fearless. She regularly travels the world to work with her many clients on global business branding. Here's how she manages her company on the go.


Are These Mistakes Plaguing Your Startup’s WiFi Usage?

Offering a free WiFi connection to your customers could prove to be a real boon to business. However, you could potentially commit one of several fatal errors that could end up causing that decision to backfire.

pick a card

How to Pick the Best Business Partner for You

If you're going into business with another person or company, who you choose is a very important decision. The results could be long lasting, either good or bad. Here are 5 tips to picking the best business partner for your needs.

ana ono

Breast Cancer Survivor Creates Niche Lingerie Line

No one really understands the wants and needs of cancer survivors like someone who has gone through the experience themselves. Dana Donofree founded AnaOno, a lingerie line made especially for breast cancer survivors, as a result of her first hand experience with the disease.


What the Wright Brothers Can Teach You About Management

In the beginning, Wilbur and Orville Wright were hands on inventors -- and hands on entrepreneurs. But gradually over time they had to delegate. Most small business owners must do the same. Here is what you can learn from the Wright Brothers' success.


Entrepreneur Creates Sanctuary for Bees and Bee Education

Concern over the plight of the bees, threatened now by pesticides, disease and other factors, has prompted one entrepreneur to take action. Meet the man who hopes to give bees a new home and hopefully protect them from extinction.

girls auto clinic

Girls Auto Clinic Teaches Women About Cars

Patrice Banks is a materials engineer who studied auto tech and now owns a business with a very unique niche. Not only is her auto repair company called Girls Auto Clinic. She also holds free monthly sessions to teach women what they need to know about automobiles.