18 Ways to Actively Encourage Company Innovation

The best ideas on how to grow or expand your small business may likely come from within. Here are 18 tips from the Young Entrepreneur Council on how to promote a spirit of innovation within your company.


Big Data Takes on a New Industry — Beer

One Pennsylvania microbrewery enthusiast strives for consistency among batches from these small breweries. He's developed Gastrograph to help. The app helps determine flaws in individual batches of micro-brewed beer to help these companies achieve a consistent product.

bbq fast pass

Line for Famous Barbecue Inspires Entrepreneurs

There's one barbecue business in Austin, Texas, that has lines forming for the food five hours before the doors open on a daily basis. The line is so predictable, several advantageous entrepreneurs are profiting off the lines, alone.

roadkill fur

Entrepreneur Turns Roadkill into Couture

Would you where a fur that once was roadkill? Before you answer, consider the alternatives. Entrepreneur Pamela Paquin believes her line of roadkill couture colorfully named Petite Mort Fur presents a better option than killing animals just for their fur.

knewton proper

Startup Knewton Creates Individualized Education Tools

Education today has become extremely specialized. Each student seems to be on their own path despite being in a group setting. It's a growing challenge for teachers but one entrepreneur and his startup, Knewton, believes it can help organize an increasingly complicated classroom.


Campaign Furniture Markets Quality on a Budget

Campaign is a startup created from one person's inability to find the just the right product at just the right price. And, indeed with furniture, there's usually either really good or more shabby, less chic. Can this company fill that mid-range, quality furnishings void?


This Startup Can Grow Metal Like a Tree

Modumetal may be on to the way metals are created for commercial applications. The Seattle startup uses electricity and nanotechnology to create metals.

pss family

From Humble Beginnings in a Garage, Family Business Thrives for 60 Years

With so many businesses failing in the first five years, the Perfection Spring & Stamping Co. of Mount Prospect, Illinois is already something special. In an evolving industry, the company is still going strong after 60 years and has remained a family owned business for three generations.

Latino Entrepreneurs on the Rise

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