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10 Resources to Help You Do Business in the UK

Thinking of setting up shop overseas? The U.K. is attempting to attract new business to the country, including entrepreneurs abroad -- like in the U.S. Here are 10 key resources to check out if you're considering business opportunities over there.


How Entrepreneurs Can Take Calculated Risks

Most business decisions are about evaluating the best course of action without being certain of the outcome. Taking foolish risks can increase the probability of a bad outcome but becoming risk adverse results in lost opportunities. Fortunately there is a middle path entrepreneurs can follow.


What FounderDating Is All About

Small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs may want to check out FounderDating. The site connects you with potential partners and investors as well as with advisors to get you started in the right direction.


20 Successful Entrepreneurs with No Experience

Some of the most popular brands and products were created by people who had absolutely no experience in that particular field. Check out our list of entrepreneurs who started with virtually no experience.


A List Of The Worst Business Advice You Can Follow — Ever

Small business owners are always getting advice. Some of it is good advice. Other advice can be great or even life-changing. And then there's the worst advice you've ever received. And you've probably heard a lot of the advice considered to be the worst of the worst.

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