July 28, 2015


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19-Year-Old Girl Makes $100k on Etsy for School

When 19-year-old LeiLei Secor discovered how steep her college tuition would be, she set upon a simple plan. Start an Etsy business. Secor credits her parents with teaching her the resourcefulness necessary to make the business a success.


WixHotels Integrates MyAllocator to Massively Market Hotels Online

Web building tool Wix introduced WixHotels as a way for hotel owners who used the tool could let customers know about the rooms they have for rent. Now a new partnership will let them market hotels online and that information quickly and efficiently to the world.

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13 Colonial Small Businesses Making a Big Comeback Today

On this July 4 weekend, take a look at some of the businesses that thrived in the early 13 colonies and are still around today. Some of these businesses have made a comeback. Others have never left. All are reminder of how, in some ways, small businesses really haven't changed that much over the years.

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Serious Accident Leads to Life-Changing LeanOnWe Startup

Imagine an accident that put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Could you come back from it and build a successful career for yourself as an entrepreneur anyway? Better yet, could you turn your own tragedy into a business that could help others?


Cafe Finds Perfect Location — In an Old Train Station?

Business owners often talk about the importance of location. At times that includes finding an interesting place to locate a business -- say in an old train station. As unique an idea as this might appear to be, cafes and restaurants located in train stations have become a trend.


Startups Use Jobbatical to Offer Digital Nomads Work Adventures

If you can't imagine being in one place for too long or if you run a startup and need a quick infusion of new talent on your team, there's a company that offers to find the right fit. Employees seeking a job adventure and those wanting to hire them now have a new option.


E-Bikes are the Newest Trend for the Super Rich

Bicycles are meant to be cost-effective means of transportation. But all bikes aren't created equally. And the trend in the industry is to cater to extremely wealthy. A niche called e-bikes can range anywhere up to $40,000!

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Crowdfunders, the FTC is Watching You

If you're skeptical of crowdfunding sites or projects that are crowdfunded, you're not alone. When projects go bust and supporters are left without a refund on their cash, skepticism only grows. That's what happened to those who supported a proposed board game.

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Learn How To Start a Campground From Someone Who Did It

Think running your own campground involves putting up some tents and clearing land? Think again. One Pennsylvania family escaped lucrative jobs and a restored Victorian home to give the camping life (and business) a go. Lessons in life for their children was the goal but the whole family continues to learn from this undertaking.

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This Mom Turned Yard Sale Scraps into a Multimillion Dollar Business

Some great companies don't start with venture capital and a multimillion dollar budget. They start with an entrepreneur who has a vision and the willingness to bootstrap a dream from almost nothing. Susan Petersen started with just such a vision -- and a talent for making due with the things at hand.