doom that came to atlantic city

Crowdfunders, the FTC is Watching You

If you're skeptical of crowdfunding sites or projects that are crowdfunded, you're not alone. When projects go bust and supporters are left without a refund on their cash, skepticism only grows. That's what happened to those who supported a proposed board game.

campers paradise

Learn How To Start a Campground From Someone Who Did It

Think running your own campground involves putting up some tents and clearing land? Think again. One Pennsylvania family escaped lucrative jobs and a restored Victorian home to give the camping life (and business) a go. Lessons in life for their children was the goal but the whole family continues to learn from this undertaking.

freshly picked

This Mom Turned Yard Sale Scraps into a Multimillion Dollar Business

Some great companies don't start with venture capital and a multimillion dollar budget. They start with an entrepreneur who has a vision and the willingness to bootstrap a dream from almost nothing. Susan Petersen started with just such a vision -- and a talent for making due with the things at hand.

daily table

Feeding Low Income Families? This Grocery Store Has an Option

The former president of Trader Joe's grocery stores has created a new company - in the same industry - that caters specifically to low-income residents in the Boston area. It buys food nearly out-of-date from other stores and wholesalers.


Coffee Chain Finds Profit — With Nonprofits?

So, the idea of a business is to make money, right? It sure is! But in some cases and with some businesses helping out a non-profit or other special cause can also be ... well ... profitable. The success of Coffeed is just one good example.


How This Entrepreneur is Changing the Face of Beauty

Fashion insider Emily Weiss wanted to bring reality to the industry so she launched two lines. Into the Glass helps provide a beauty how-to in real terms for its clients. The other, Glossier, carries beauty products that aim to push the authentic drive behind Into the Glass.

peanut butter and co

Peanut Butter & Co. Elevates Popular Food’s Niche

You might not think that an eatery dedicated to nothing but peanut butter sandwiches would have any chance of surviving. But entrepreneur Lee Zalben proved it does. Evenif everyone else thought he was ... nuts.

big corporate client

How to Reel in a Large Corporate Client

It's a dream scenario for nearly any small business, landing a lucrative contract with a big company. Yes, big companies need the help of small businesses, too. Here are steps you can take to help land you a big client.


Get Cooking Accurately With the Meld Knob + Clip

How many times has this happened to you? A phone call distracts your cooking efforts and your hard work is spoiled. Say goodbye to burned food with a device developers say guarantees the perfect cooking temperature accurate to within less than a degree. Learn more about this interesting technology here.