October 13, 2015


loopy cases

Loopy Cases: This Business Fills a Simple Need

Sure it would be great to build the next great Internet search engine or launch the next super successful social media platform. But when it comes right down to it, the critical thing is to find a need to fill it, not matter how small.

baby steps

Start Your Big Idea with Baby Steps

Small business owners likely have big dreams. But in order to achieve greater success in business, it's wise to take the growth process slowly and steadily.

potato parcel

This Entrepreneur will Send Your Message — Via Potato?

When it comes to crazy ideas they don't come much crazier than this. A Texas entrepreneur will send your message by perhaps one of the most unconventional means imaginable. But, believe it or not, this crazy business is already a success.

big wedding

Professional Wedding Guests Are Part of a Growing Industry in Korea

If you want to have a big wedding but don't know enough people to fill a small hall rental, there are ways of putting guests in those empty seats. In fact, in South Korea, professional wedding seat fillers has been an industry since the 1990s and today, it's growing.


This Founder Used Cremation Urns to Get Funding

The founder of Willing, a free, do-it-yourself will creation tool had an interesting pitch to investors. He used cremation urns to individualize his message to everyone he contacted for funding.

card isle

Card Isle Offers a New Way to Buy Greeting Cards

Card Isle is a startup created out of a college class assignment. The three co-founders took the idea of creating kiosks that help customers create their own greeting cards and ran with it.


Passion Leads to Success, Or Does it?

Entrepreneurs tend to be passionate folks. But does the kindling of that passion alone mean that a person is destined to be successful, especially in business?

concealment furniture 5

Business Innovation Hides Valuables in Plain Sight

Identifying an under served niche can open whole new markets for your business. Sometimes, it can even lead to creating a whole new business in the process, as Dan Ingram discovered.