November 29, 2015

Technology Trends

LG pay

LG Plans its Own Digital Payment Platform, LG Pay

Mobile phone maker LG has announced that it's the latest in its field to offer its own mobile payment platform with LG Pay. The company joins others already in the marketplace, including Apple and Samsung.

dojo-labs (1)

Dojo: Pebble Shaped Device Provides Home Network Security

Can the serene Dojo device keep your networks safe from a cyber attack? The pebble-looking device is purportedly able to control security and privacy permissions for all connected devices in an office or home.

microsoft booth

Be More Productive Using Office 2016 and Windows 10

After a recent trip to Microsoft's Redmond headquarters, it's clear that the company is set on being a disruption in the coming years and that's a good thing for small business owners.


Google Chrome Support on Older Operating Systems Ends in 2016

Google says it will end support for its Chrome browser for users who are still hanging on to Windows XP. The company extended support until the end of 2015 because there were still a lot of XP users worldwide but is drawing a line in the sand at the end of the year.

blackberry priv

Can the Blackberry Priv Android Device Tempt You Back?

Blackberry is hoping its first Android phone ever will win the company back some of the widespread business use the company's products once enjoyed. But does the device have what it takes to draw business users away from the many other mobile choices now out there?