July 30, 2015

Technology Trends


Do You Have an Android Phone? If so, You May be at Risk

Some Android phones running an older version of the mobile operating system may be at serious risk of a security hack. The problem is caused by the Stagefright media pack installed on the phones. Here's more on the issue and on what is being done.

business wifi

5 Killer Tips to Keep Your Small Business WiFi Up and Running

Is your business relies on WiFi connections, it's likely that you've been disappointed in its performance. Luckily, there are ways to improve your WiFi connection speeds -- and some could be done in just a few seconds at no cost.


Finally, Microsoft Releases Windows 10

Windows 10 is here! The Start menu is back. Cortana is now fully integrated with the system and Microsoft has decided to start anew with Web browsing (au revoir, Internet Explorer), introducing the Edge browser.

google page rank

Be Skeptical of Those Promising Top Ranking on Google

Be ware of telemarketing companies claiming they can help you achieve better ranking in the search engines. A flurry of such calls have again gone out to small business owners. But what can such companies really offer?

verizon store

Verizon and Vice Media Inc. Announce a New Content Partnership

A deal between Verizon and independent digital content network Vice Media Inc. demonstrates the growing importance of the mobile video market. The telecom and the digital content producer have signed an agreement to provide material for Verizon's upcoming mobile video platform.


The Y2K Bug and Running a Big Business Like a Small One

Aside from confirming that we're classic over-reactors, there were lots of lessons to be learned from the Y2K scare more than 15 years ago. One of the main lessons learned was how to manage a small business and to trust in those around you.

youtube android

Finally, YouTube Android App Shows Vertical Videos in Full Screen

Worry no more that people who see your company's YouTube videos you shot in vertical view will see those black bars on the side. The site's Android app and desktop site now feature a fix that shows those videos in full-screen mode without the black bars.

wifi zone

Relevant WiFi Industry Updates for Small Business Owners

Small businesses can't rely on public WiFi and public networks to get through the day. A secure network is necessary but business-grade options had always been expensive. New updates, however, could change that prospect for a lot of small business owners.

microsoft send 2

Microsoft Garage Launches Send, a Text Message-Like Email App

Send is a new mobile app from Microsoft. It is designed to simplify emails to act more like text messages. It's for the small business on the go. It's currently available for iOS mobile devices and coming soon to Windows and Android.