July 6, 2015

Technology Trends


Farmers Can Use These Smart Sensors to Save Water in a Drought

For farmers in a drought, there's a constant balancing act between conserving water and using enough to keep your crops alive. Though farming water use has been an issue for some time, one technology company thinks it has found a solution.


New Smappee Pro System Helps Small Businesses Save on Energy

The Smappee Pro System is more than just a dash board and some flashy analytics. It also includes some gadgets called Comfort Plugs that can actually shut down energy draining appliances in your place of business on holidays and weekends.

constant contact

WordStream and Constant Contact Announce Partnership

Two major players in digital marketing could change things for your business completely. Read more about the new partnership between WordStream and Constant Contact and learn what it could mean to you.


Bing Beats Out Google in AOL Deal

Microsoft just announced that its search engine, Bing, will handle search queries across a range of AOL-owned sites beginning in 2016. Microsoft presumably beat out Google for this honor.


Your Surface 3 Can Now Have Windows 10

Microsoft recently released some updates to the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets that will allow them to run the new Windows 10 operating system. Read more about the capabilities this new functionality will bring.

lenovo stick

Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 is a PC in the Palm of Your Hand

A PC on a stick isn't exactly a new concept. Still, Lenovo is hoping to bring increased portability to Windows-based computers with its new Lenovo ideacentre 300. And if the size of this new PC doesn't impress you, it's certain the price will.

amazon echo

Amazon Unveils Alexa Fund: $100 Million for Voice Tech Innovation

This new fund is named for Alexa, the cloud based digital assistant featured in Amazon Echo among other products. If your business is working on innovation along similar lines, consider learning more. The potential opportunity may be worth exploring.

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