July 6, 2015

Technology Trends


Moving From Tumblr to WordPress

Tumblr is a fun little blogging platform but it may not offer you the most customization options you need for your small business site. If that's the case, it may be time to consider moving from Tumblr to WordPress.

tools on keyboard

3 Functions Small Businesses Do Better with the Right Tools

From Web analytics to time tracking to customer feedback and messaging, there are tons of tools to help with your small business functions. If you aren't using some of these tools, you may want to start. Picking the right online tool for the right job will give even the smallest business an edge.


This Indiegogo Campaign Wants to Solve Your Sleep Apnea Problems

The sleep deprived who use a CPAP machine at night to help them breathe and get a decent night's sleep may be relieved to see a new device reach the market. The Airing micro cordless CPAP machine is gaining some traction in an Indiegogo campaign now. It doesn't require cumbersome wires and fits right inside the nostrils.


The FCC Assigns Someone to Field Net Neutrality Complaints

The FCC has shown its willingness to enforce a new rule upholding the concepts of net neutrality and disallowing a system that would charge premiums for higher speed Internet. The agency has named a new ombudsperson who will field complaints from users including potentially small business owners.

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How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is a decent blogging platform but a lot of small businesses are making the switch to WordPress. It's the most popular blog platform out there. If you've got a Blogger blog for your business and have considered the switch, follow these steps to make it more painless.


5 Ways for Small Businesses to Save on Tech and Communication

Communications - especially on the road - can be an expensive portion of any small business's operational budget but it needn't be. There are plenty of low-cost options available for small business. Here are 5 of the best.

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Android Users Finally Get a Break From Adobe

If you're an Android user feeling neglected by Adobe by the dearth of mobile apps, the company is working to relieve you're frustrations. Adobe has released four new Android mobile apps that are designed to work alongside Creative Cloud apps.


Domain Privacy May Soon Become a Thing of the Past?

If you own a domain name for your home business, you might also pay a little extra to keep your name, address and other personal information away from prying eyes online. But that option may soon be history, if Internet regulators have their way.

wifi user

How WiFi Can Give Your Small Business Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility implies a level of networking, connectivity and data security reserved for big businesses with big IT budgets. But that doesn't have to be the case. WiFi can deliver much the same level of service for small businesses on a tighter budget too.

galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Now Available from AT&T

AT&T has announced an exclusive deal for its users on the Samsung Galaxy S6 active. This is a version of the company's critically-acclaimed flagship smartphone.

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Does Your Business Need a Mobile-First Strategy?

You may have heard of a mobile-first design strategy. But does mobile-first thinking go beyond how you design your online presence? When launching a new venture or evolving an existing company, should mobile-first be part of your business strategy too?


Google Maps Could Tell Customers Your Business is Closed

Google is updating Maps and business listings. The changes will tell searchers how soon a business is closing. So, if your business hours aren't updated on your Google business listing, people could get the impression you're closed when you're really not.

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