August 29, 2015

Technology Trends

yahoo small business

Yahoo! Small Business is Becoming Luminate

Yahoo Small Business emailed users recently alerting them to a change in company structure. This arm of Yahoo will now be run by Aabaco Holdings -- with its Aabaco Small Business product -- and be re-branded together as Luminate.


10 Most Common Acronyms in Email and Texting

Acronyms have moved beyond the LOLs and LMAOs that the kids (and a lot of adults) are using. Now, knowing this lingo is almost essential to getting through the day without having to ask a lot of questions. Here's a guide to 10 of the more popular you might see in emails or chats to your small business.


Lenovo Unveils Mobile Workstation for the Heavy Duty User

The hardcore, very technical computer user will enjoy the freedom that's likely to be found in the two new versions of the Lenovo mobile workstation. They're packed with fast processors, a lot of memory and even more storage. Cloud computers, these aren't.

verizon wireless bldg

Verizon Trades Two Year Contracts for Monthly Billing

Verizon is now the latest mobile carrier to ditch the 2-year plan structure. This means the end of subsidized -- or giveaway -- smartphones and could have an impact on your company's mobility if other carriers soon follow suit.

fiber opticEdit

Verizon’s New Optical Technology Passes Test

Verizon brings a new service that will connect business users and others at higher speeds than currently available -- including to home businesses. What will the new fiber-to-the-premises service mean for your operation?

apple store

New iPhone Announcement Expected in September

An upcoming Apple event could be the setting for an unveiling of a new iPhone 6 as well as a new iPad device. The iPad could be viewed as Apple's attempt to regain a foothold in the tablet market, where it's fallen short to date.


6 Items for Your Website Security Checklist

As hackers become more sophisticated it's getting more difficult to maintain your website's security. Here are 6 tips that should help keep cyber criminals away from your company's sensitive data.

google slides

Make Presentations from Your Android Phone — Anywhere

A new feature to Google Slides allows you to deliver presentations to remote audiences via Google Hangouts. So, even if you're stuck in traffic on the way to the meeting, your presentation could have them captivated instead of wondering when you'll get there.