August 23, 2016

Technology Trends

Browse this section for the latest hot small business technology trends. Here you will find cool tech gadgets, new small business technology services, technology tips and advice and much more. If it’s product reviews you seek, be sure to check out our Product Reviews.


Odem Global Launches All-in-one Marketing Dashboard

Small businesses have myriad technologies at their disposal but they're usually here, there, and pretty much everywhere. Odem Global is working to winnow the field on marketing insights for small businesses with an all-in-one dashboard that tracks all phases of a small business's marketing channels.


Lynda Video Training Beefs Up Note Taking Features

Lynda users who are watching a video and don't have pad and pen handy to jot down some notes can breathe easier. The company just updated its platform to allow users to take or read notes that go with the Lynda videos they're watching.

lumia 650

Microsoft Aims Lumia 650 at Business Users

Microsoft's new Lumia 650 smartphone is geared for business users. What the phone lacks in some hardware, it makes up for with its lightweight price tag.

wifi phone

How to Leverage WiFi To Expand Your Business

A quality WiFi connection for your small business is essential these days. Not only can it help you get more data on your employees and your business, it can also help you gain access to public information about your customers. Here are some ways your small business can leverage a good WiFi connection.

vert response

VerticalResponse Offers Open API to Developers

VerticalResponse has recently opened its API. That means small businesses can integrate VerticalResponse's API to create email and social media marketing campaigns through their mobile apps.


Recharge Your Phone in Three Minutes With iTron

WIth some of the same technology that provides juice to Tesla electric cars, the iTron portable charging station is capable of charging up to 3 devices at once and fully charge a phone in less than 20 minutes.

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