December 1, 2015

Technology Trends


Detroit is Trying to Become the Next Major Tech Hub

There's a community vying to become the next Silicon Valley, and it's identity might surprise you: Detroit! Find out what this community is doing to develop tech hub status and perhaps what your community can do as well.

lenovo smart watch

Lenovo Magic View is Here, But Do You Need One?

If you think you're going blind from squinting at your smartwatch, the Lenovo Magic View offers a new feature to wrist wearables, a second screen. This offers a magnified "virtual" view and Lenovo hopes that will make this smartwatch, at least, a little more practical.

Surface Hub

Giant Touchscreen? Pre-order Microsoft Surface Hub July 1

The Microsoft Surface Hub may be a solution for any small business that's not seamlessly conducting video conferencing and remote collaboration efforts. But with price tags between $7,000 and $20,000, it's clearly not ideal for some.


MIITO Could Replace Your Electric Kettle

MIITO is an alternative to putting the kettle on. The device is a heating rod that you place directly in a cup or mug of water to heat it for steeping tea or other hot beverages. MIITO is designed to limit water use and waste.

Square Reader

New Square Reader Accepts Apple Pay and EMV Chip Cards

Square is giving small businesses the ability to get ahead of the payment game. The company that offers a mobile phone device that allows you to accept credit card payments has just introduced a new device that allows businesses to accept payments from smartphones and the new EMV chip cards.

Business Travel plane overhead

Must Have Travel Apps and Tech for Your Devices

Going on a trip? Don't forget your apps and other tech. If you're looking for technology that will make your sojourn run smoother, look no further. This list will be absolutely indispensable on your next journey, whether for business or for pleasure.

Business Travel internet security when traveling

What Not to Do When Using Internet on the Go

These days it's not just Internet service that's important to small businesses. With both you and your clients constantly on the move, it's important to also have Internet on the go. When accessing the Internet on a mobile device or through a wireless network, however, there are important things to remember.

lenovo smart cast

With Lenovo Smart Cast, Your Phone Becomes a Projector

The board room may not be a place for the bored if someone's got a Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone. The device, currently in development, will purportedly be the the first smartphone that enables users to display interactive, touch-enabled projections.

sv fashion week

Silicon Valley Fashion Week? Think Drone Modeling, Skateboard Chic

If your small business touches on the fashion market in any way, you'll want to pay attention to the growing trend of geek wear out there. A recent event in the Silicon Valley put a spotlight on plenty of new designers and products. Here is a sampling.