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Moving a Site from Joomla to WordPress

Joomla is used by millions of bloggers and site owners as a Content Management System. It's highly-customizable but it's not as easy to use as the more popular WordPress platform. So, if you use Joomla, you may be considering a switch to WordPress. Daunting? Maybe. But fear not, here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the switch.


Bitcoins from an ATM: The Devices Could be a New Trend

The number of bitcoin ATMs in the U.S. is expected to boom into the thousands next year. The rise in popularity of the crypto-currency presents some potential business growth for owners of these machines.

casio watches

Look Who’s Making a Smartwatch Now — Casio

The company that made the calculator watch famous -- and still cool -- says it's entering the smartwatch arena. Casio indicates that consumers should expect its first foray into smartwatches next year.

google hq

Study Claims Google is Violating Competition Laws

New research from Europe has found Google may be violating anti-competition laws on the books for the continent. A study found that Google's local search results are skewed to push the company's services over others.

bubble wrap

Company Makes Bubble Wrap Without the Pop

Kids, pets, and light-hearted adults are aghast at the news of the apparent end of popable Bubble Wrap. While that's not entirely true, the new bubble wrap being introduced should be welcome new to small businesses that do a lot of shipping.

lg beat

LG Unveils Mid-Range G4 Beat

LG has just released a new variation of its flagship smartphone, the G4. The G4 Beat looks a lot like its predecessor but inside, it's about half the device.


Intelliverse Will Track Your Gmail — Everywhere

Intelliverse is launching a new email tracking plugin for the Google Chrome browser. The app tells users when a recipient opens their message, what they open it on and where they're at when they do it. The company already has a similar app for Outlook users.

using the cloud

7 Ways Cloud Computing Makes You Better at Your Job

Are you using the Cloud in your small business? If not, you could be missing some huge opportunities. The Cloud helps your company leverage big data. It allows your staff to access data from and work from anywhere. Here are a few other ways cloud computing makes you better at your job.

twitter ads 2

Twitter Officially Launches Mobile Ads Manager

There have been a lot of changes at Twitter recently both within the company and on the platform. The latest, announced just this week, is a new mobile ads manager, the Twitter Ads companion. Take a quick look here to get an idea what it can do.

google keywords

Need Keywords Help? Try These 4 Tools

Keywords are so important to marketing your online business. So obviously, any advantage you can give your business over the competition in terms of picking the best keywords is welcome. Here are a few tools to consider.


Citrix Hops on Grasshopper Deal

Small Business Trends just learned at the Citrix Synergy Conference in Florida that the Citrix Grasshopper deal is now closing.