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Final Release of Microsoft Office 2016 Due on September 22

Microsoft recently announced that the final version release of Office 2016 will be available on Sept. 22. The version released that day will have taken all feedback given by those that have been previewing it into consideration.

google safety center

Google Cracks Down on Robocalls That Mislead Small Businesses

Google is tired of robocallers that imply they are representing Google to try to trick small businesses into hiring their services. Google has set up a special security center with educational information about robocall scams, including a form to report scams. Google also filed a lawsuit against a marketing firm making robocalls.

Tmobile billboard

Samsung Devices First to Receive T-Mobile Video Calling

T-Mobile says its Video Calling service is a true out-of-the-box video calling service. That means when you use your phone for the first time, you can place a video call. No sign-ups, logins, passwords ...


Highlights from the Apple Special Event

Apple held a special event on Sept. 9 in San Francisco at which it unveiled the largest iPad device to date. The iPad Pro features a gargantuan 13-inch display that should prove ideal for multi-tasking.


What Can You Learn from BlackBerry’s Persistence?

By all accounts and trends, BlackBerry shouldn't still be a competitive company in the tech sector. Yet, it's still there and kicking. Here are ways that small businesses can learn from BlackBerry's longevity in an increasingly competitive market.

microsoft crm

Microsoft Claims Most Comprehensive Dynamics CRM Upgrade Ever

Microsoft recently released details on the updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. The customer relationship software will help small businesses manage their client and customer lists and provide more data to you and your salespeople.