December 1, 2015

Technology Trends

mobile app

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Smartphone and tablet use has risen dramatically and shall continue to do so. More people than ever access the Web via their smart devices. This is one big reason why your company needs a mobile app.

free wifi

Why Offering Free WiFi to Your Customers is Wise

Offering free WiFi to your customers may be a good way to increase foot traffic through your doors. Here are several other reasons why opening up the Internet to your customers is a good idea.

moving to the cloud

How to Justify Moving to the Cloud to Your Boss

Small business teams work more effectively in the cloud. But if your small business is slow to adapt to the cloud, it may be time to start politicking for it. Here are some key talking points.

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surface new

Microsoft Begins Selling New Surface Pro 4

Those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Surface 4 need to wait no longer. The versatile tablet is stocked with some powerful hardware and available for a range of prices.