December 21, 2014


Feel free to contact our Team using the following methods.

The best way to reach us is through email. However, due to the huge volume of email that we receive, we will not be able to respond to all messages, or the response may take some time.  If it is urgent, then mark it “URGENT” or “TIME SENSITIVE” in the subject line.

We get dozens if not hundreds of requests a day.  We can respond more timely if they go to the right person or department.  Here is a list of options:

  • Advertising inquiries – Send an email to
  • Submit a story pitch or news  tip – Email us at
  • Submit a request to become an Expert Author – Visit our Expert Author Program section
  • Reprint requests — Email us at 
  • DMCA and copyright issues -- See our Terms page and follow the procedure there exactly
  • All other requests –  Email us at