July 28, 2015

Non-Accredited Equity Crowdfunding Investors Need a Path to Liquidity

In the evolving world of crowdfunding equity investment, there's still a world of difference between the options accredited and non-accredited investors have open to them. Professor of entrepreneurial studies Scott Shane explains further in this piece about where things stand.

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11 Rhyming Words that Cue Life Hacks for Business

Each day, running your business presents new challenges -- and some that seem to happen pretty regularly, too. Dealing with these unwanted distractions requires its own set of reactions. Here's an easy way to remember the best way to deal with setbacks.

Office Work Edit

Improve Your Office Productivity With Twitter Chat Tips

If your like most small business owners, office productivity is a constant challenge. Whether you're a solopreneur working from a home office or a small business owner working with employees from a more traditional office, here are some thoughts from a recent Twitter chat


The Y2K Bug and Running a Big Business Like a Small One

Aside from confirming that we're classic over-reactors, there were lots of lessons to be learned from the Y2K scare more than 15 years ago. One of the main lessons learned was how to manage a small business and to trust in those around you.


Get Out There and Learn at a Business Event This Week

At a loss on how best to market your small business? There are plenty of ways and means of doing so -- each a potential financial pitfall. Get the best advice on marketing from a litany of small business events on the calendar this week. There are even a few that don't require you to leave your desk!

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Save Precious Time with These Community Tips

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you've probably already realized that time is your most precious commodity. So how do small business owners perpetually short on time get all they need don with such a shortage of resources? So glad you asked.

screaming baby

Should a Business Owner Yell at a Screaming Child?

A Maine diner owner's decision to scold a screaming toddler has resulted in a mixed bag of emotions. The incident should serve as lesson for any small business owner: Think before you speak.

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Drone Delivery, First Data Acquisition Make Headlines

Commercial drone delivery in the U.S. is one step closer to reality. But the company to make the first test flight is not who you'd expect. In fact, Australia-based Flirtey now holds that honor. Learn about that historic flight and more in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

youtube android

Finally, YouTube Android App Shows Vertical Videos in Full Screen

Worry no more that people who see your company's YouTube videos you shot in vertical view will see those black bars on the side. The site's Android app and desktop site now feature a fix that shows those videos in full-screen mode without the black bars.


4 Influencer Marketing Tools You Need to Manage Campaigns

A marketing campaign is really only as effective as your means to track how those receiving it react to your message. Here are 4 tools that help you get the most data from your marketing campaign and help you use it.

google photos

Google Plus Photos is Shutting Down, Is Google Plus Next?

There is more evidence that the days for Google Plus, the company's attempt at a social media network, are numbered. That's especially true after Google just announced that Google Plus Photos is shutting down and has been re-branded as Google Photos.