May 30, 2015
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What is Brand Storytelling?

You've heard both terms used independently, of course. Storytelling is as old as time. And you know very well what your brand is. So perhaps you already understand this new buzzword everyone's talking about. But how do you put it into action?

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So What’s the Real Reason Verizon Bought AOL?

When Verizon agreed to purchase AOL, it got a wealth of content and video in the deal. This move should position Verizon to become a major player in digital marketing and media distribution in the near future.

scratch wireless

Coolpad Arise is the First WiFi Only Smartphone

Scratch Wireless has a $99 entry-level smartphone that works mostly on WiFi connections. Customers who need mobile voice or data coverage can buy daily blocks of it starting at $1.99.

htc communications

Spotlight: HTC Communications Puts Team Work First

HTC Communications LLC has been serving the Cleveland area with WiFi and networking solutions. As a small business, it believes that customer service and treating its team like family and that family working as a team is key to its success.

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What is Native Advertising?

Here it is ... a comprehensive guide explaining what native advertising is, how it differs from other forms of advertising, and how it can be a benefit or trap for small businesses.

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9 Common Mistakes That May Kill Your Business Online

If you're running an online business, please check out this list of 9 reasons that could be dragging down your business right now. Hint: If you don't have a mobile website, get one as soon as possible.

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How to Select the Right Time Tracking App for Your Business

There are lots of dirty jobs to tackle when running a small business. Usually they're the tedious tasks that seemingly take the most time to complete. Tracking employee time is one such task but there are tools available to small businesses to automate much of this process.