August 31, 2015

Master Content Marketing with These Tips from Our Community

If you've got a small marketing budget for your small business, you're likely to find some gold in your website's content. Members of the small business community shared some helpful tips on content marketing. They're here in this week's Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup.

pss family

From Humble Beginnings in a Garage, Family Business Thrives for 60 Years

With so many businesses failing in the first five years, the Perfection Spring & Stamping Co. of Mount Prospect, Illinois is already something special. In an evolving industry, the company is still going strong after 60 years and has remained a family owned business for three generations.

Facebook Surges Edit

Facebook Video Surges, Wix Launches CRM Tools,

Wix continues to add to its offerings for small businesses with a CRM app. Facebook appears to be infringing upon YouTube's ad revenue and Intel believes its Thunderbolt technology can transform your computer. These headlines and more highlight this week's Small Business Trends News and Information Roundup.

Sales are EVERYTHING!how to hire your first sales rep 2

How to Hire Your First Sales Rep

When you're deciding to expand your small business, one of your most momentous decisions will be to hire your first sales rep. These insider tips, including numbers and lessons learned, will help minimize the risks inherent in hiring a salesperson to increase your all-important sales revenue.

nick ayres

Nick Ayres of IHG: Online Digital Touchpoints Complete Offline Customer Journey

Even the hotel industry is going digital these days. But at the end of the day, it's important to connect all those digital touchpoints and activities to actual human experience -- namely customer experience. Here's a look at how global digital marketing meets real life customer expectation.


Stolen Content May Not Be So Bad After All

The content you're creating for your website may be so good that others are trying to use it for themselves. This type of burglary though, may not always be a bad thing for your business.


4 Content Writing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

As a content writer, you know that creating compelling copy is the best way to influence your customers and market your client's products. Here are some simple tips to consider that will help you transform your writing.


Don’t Just Enter a New Market — Create One

A company like Netflix wasn't exactly a trailblazer when it started. We all rented movies in the past. But the video sharing and streaming service found a way to create its own market. It could be argued that it's doing quite well now. Can your small business create its own market, too?

welcome to new hampshire

What States and Cities are Friendliest to Small Businesses

Manchester, New Hampshire, was recently named the best place for small businesses to do business in America. That's according to a survey. What cities and states are not kind to small businesses?

Measure UpEdit

Authority Marketing: How To Measure Up In Front of Customers

Do you ever feel like a fake when representing your expertise or brand to the world. You're not alone. But fortunately the best solution for developing more authority in your niche is simple. Create great content.