June 26, 2016

Amazon Sales Up 28 Percent But Web Services Might be the Real Story

Some don't realize Amazon is more than just an online retail behemoth. It happens to be a major provider of online hosting services too. And while ecommerce sales are doing great, this isn't the only place the company is seeing profit these days.


What Jobs Are Small Businesses Hiring Most?

Indeed is revealing what jobs are in demand among small businesses. And the company is also showing where small businesses can be competitive when hiring.

ebay FedEx

eBay Valet Program Lists, Sells and Ships Products for You

If you'd like to save yourself the trouble of listing, marketing and then shipping items yourself of eBay, you may be interested to know there is an alternative. It's called the eBay valet program. Here's how it works.


8 Top Predictors of Handmade Business Success

Perhaps you're ready to launch a handmade business of your own. But how do you know if that business will be successful? Of course, there's no way to be absolutely sure, but here columnist Donna Marie Coles Johnson gives some possible signs you're headed in the right direction.


7 Retail Turnoffs That Send Customers Away Screaming

What things are driving customers absolutely mad these days? You'll be surprised at some of the results of a recent survey. Find out how you can prevent people from running away from your small business lungs afire.


A Website Startup Guide for Small Businesses

Most, if not all, small businesses need websites these days. They are great cost-effective way of spreading the word about your products or services. But, just as important, they allow you another opportunity to engage with your customers. Here's a simple guide to create a website for your company.

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