August 29, 2015
Engage employees

Clever Ways to Engage Employees and Shake Up Company Culture

In the short term, your biggest concerns for your business may be cash flow and profitability. But in the long term, there's also stagnation to worry about. The best solution is to create a company culture that engages employees. Here's how.

yp ads

ypDisplay Reinvents Mobile Display Ads for Small Business

Your company's potential customers are using their mobile devices more and more. So, reaching them there is becoming more important. YP says it has a new product, ypDisplay, that allows you to reach customers even when they're not searching for your business.


Advanced Analytics with These Google Add Ons

Looking for more in-depth data from Google Analytics? The company has introduced seven new add-ons that allow you to get more detail about the visitors to your site.

just fearless

A Willingness to Travel the World Has Helped This Entrepreneur Succeed

Have you always wanted to be a globe trotting entrepreneur? Then listen to the story of Kisha Mays. Mays is a business development consultant and founder of Just Fearless. She regularly travels the world to work with her many clients on global business branding. Here's how she manages her company on the go.

behind bars

Could Your Innovative Business Model Land You in Jail?

If the experiences of Uber, the virtual ride sharing service in France, are any indication, the answer is yes. The trouble is that your small business my not have the ability to fight back. Have you thought about the implications even a small startups disruption might cause?

butterfly flower

How to Handle Working Alone When You’re a Social Butterfly

Working alone from home was a dream and then it became reality. Over time, the mingling social type has become the hermit. Sweatpants are the new slacks du jour, perhaps. Here's some sage advice on how to interject some social-friendly atmosphere into your stay-at-home career.

hamburger meal

10 Burger Franchise Alternatives to McDonald’s

The all-American hamburger presents quite a few business opportunities. And the burger franchise industry is expanding as popularity in the sandwiches continues to grow. But think outside the two most famous names and consider these other hamburger franchising businesses.

nigerian car

Does This Man Hold the Keys to Nigeria’s Future?

Segun Oyeyiola may be on to something with his solar car, a modified VW Beetle. And he could have the keys to Nigeria's future in the auto industry. He's rigged his vehicle to operate on renewable energies, solar and wind power.

writing featured

Tips on Creating a Proper Writer’s Working Environment

Writers are finicky creative types. And fostering the proper environment in which to get work done requires a delicate balance. Here are ways on how to achieve a proper writer's working environment.