Small Business Friendly Metro Areas

New data from the J.P. Morgan Chase Institute reveals which U.S. cities are hotbeds for spending at small businesses. Big metro areas, like New York City, lead the way.


How to Deal With Lazy Employees

As the head of your small business, you know it's almost impossible to not deal with a lazy employee or employees at some point. So, what are the best ways of handling these lagging members of your team?


Network in NYC Or Get Motivated in Des Moines

There are small business events across the country in the next couple months. So, no matter where you're based, there are small business owners and experts gathering nearby to help offer some advice to help your business grow.


10 Community Tips for Modern Businesses

Running a truly modern small business presents a lot of new challenges and opportunities that weren't around 10 years ago. Luckily, our small business community has plenty of advice on how best to operate a small business in a modern way.


Last Minute Tax Advice: Home Office Deductions

Procrastinating work-from-home entrepreneurs and employees, we've got your back. Here is some expert advice on deductions and tips to keep in mind as you file your tax return.

ebay boxes roundup

eBay Offers New Shipping Options, Law Could Reverse Homemade Cookie Ban

eBay sellers were introduced to a new way of getting their products to customers this week and in New Jersey, makers and sellers of homemade cookies are fighting for their business lives supporting a bill that would overturn a ban on their products. These headlines top a busy week for small businesses, which are highlighted in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.


8 Things You Need On Your Desk

What's on your work desk? It could be cluttered with a lot of things you don't need. But don't go without having these staples -- not literal staples, though they're a good idea, too -- at the ready on or in your desk.

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