December 1, 2015
hello giggles

HelloGiggles by Zooey Deschanel Acquired by Time Inc. for $20 Million

Time Inc. has announced that it is acquiring the lifestyle magazine website Another Time publication, People, has been working with the site, founded by actress and musician Zooey Deschanel, to boost its ad revenues spawning massive growth of the site recently.


21 Rules for Solopreneurs to Live By

Going at it alone in business? Here are some helpful solopreneur tips and rules by which to live while you're enjoying the solopreneur experience.


Three Indicators of New Franchisor Success

A new study from says it knows three key indicators that likely determine whether a new franchise company is primed for success or destined to close its doors quickly.

hand gesture

Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes?

You can say a lot around the office without even uttering a word. Yes, your body language can "say" so much. In that spirit, here are some pointers on body mechanics to avoid.


Amazon Takes Aim at Etsy with Handmade

The new Handmade at Amazon should look familiar. The service is obviously targeting the same craftspeople and the same customers as another well-known handmade goods site.