February 8, 2016
air bnb apt

New York Cracks Down on Short Term Rentals and Airbnb

New York City residents are certainly no stranger to government regulations. Now, a new measure would bring possible eviction to tenants who violate short-term lease rules when they rent out their space to Airbnb users visiting the city.

facebook help

Have You Seen This List of Resources for Facebook Business Users?

You are likely using Facebook to improve your company's social media presence. And from time to time, there may be more than a few questions about what's available to you or how to use certain features. Luckily, Facebook has published plenty of guides to help. Here's a repository of those resources.

tire in mud

Are You Stuck In a Rut?

Feeling like the tires are spinning but you're not going anywhere? This time of year can definitely have that effect. Here are some ways to get out of that rut for the new year.

faucet leak

Preventative Measures Against Small Business Data Leakage

Data leaks happen all the time. Big companies have procedures in place to deal with them when they do. For small businesses, a data leak could be a more serious problem. Here are some ways to prevent them.