August 30, 2016

Top Stories: Pinterest, Kickstarter Reveal New Features

One of these leading platforms has introduced video to its advertising mix. The other is experimenting with features that may give users a more social experience. Read these and more of the top news stories for small business owners this week.

Real Life Social Marketing Examples -

Real Life Social Marketing Examples

You've heard all the tips -- from ALL the gurus. Isn't it time to hear some honest to goodness success stories from some honest to goodness business owners just like you? Well, you're in the right place. Here are some real life social media success stories to inspire you.

Boost Your Click Through Rate on Your Site

Boost Your Click Through Rate on Your Site

Think the ranking your small business website achieves on Google, and to a lesser degree Bing, is the final metric of success? Well, here's at east one more thing you might want to be thinking about.

9 Tips for Shipping Fragile Items for Your Business

9 Tips to Ship Anything Fragile for Your Business

Some businesses thrive on fragile merchandise, especially in the handmade niche market. And if your customer receives something broken, it's lost hard work, money, and your reputation at risk.

The Essentials of PPC Keyword Search Tools

The Essentials of PPC Keyword Research

What should you be looking for from a PPC keyword tool? Finding the right tool could be a matter of turning your investment into more revenue or rendering it a waste of money.

11 Best Tips for Onboarding Freelancers and Briefing them on Your Project Goals

11 Best Tips for Briefing a Freelancer on Your Project Goals

If you're relying on freelancers to complete a project, it's important to keep them in the loop as much as possible so you get the results you expect. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their best means of staying in touch with freelancers when working on a project.

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