May 28, 2015
public speaking

How to Become a Master Presenter and Rock Your Next Speech

Public speaking has been a delicate subject since grammar school. And in business, it's even more important. Small Business Trends spoke with one expert who's prepared CEOs and Oscar winners for their big speeches. See what tips she shares for public speaking and video presentations for small business owners.


What is a Dedicated Server?

A full-scale primer on the ins and outs of dedicated servers. Learn what they are and if you need one for your small business's website.

professional woman

5 Steps to More Professional Personal Branding

How you write and speak along with how you dress and the condition of your vehicle all impact your personal brand. Following these five tips will give your own brand a professional edge.

influencer marketing strategy

Is Influencer Marketing a Trendy or Smart Strategy?

There's a new trend in digital marketing and advertising that could be an option for your small business as big as pay per click was once upon a time or even more straightforward social media advertizing is today. It's called influencer marketing and here's what you need to know.


Can Business Versatility Hurt Profitability?

Versatility may sound like a good idea for your business, and it can be. The trouble comes when that versatility translates into a brand that is too general or too poorly defined. Developing a narrower niche for the services you provide can result in more clients and higher profits.

i am chewie hoodie

“I am Chewie” Hoodie: Fan Art, Created Legally

People can take their fandom of shows, characters, and virtual worlds to extremes. Some of those fans are making a few extra bucks by designing fan art merchandise and apparel -- legally licensed -- at welovefine.


Content Marketing Secret: Tell Customers What to Expect

What kind of content marketing will serve your business the best? The answer is simpler than you think. Concentrate on mastering this basic principle to improve your marketing strategy long term.