September 28, 2016

Small Business Trends Polls and Surveys

Original research polls of the Small Business Trends community. Explore our small business polls and surveys to learn more about today’s small business owner.  We poll and survey the entrepreneurs and small business leaders who visit the site, asking questions to gather insight into how other small business owners and entrepreneurs are thinking.

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Do You Respond to Social Media Comments?

pollWe asked small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs if they responded to social media comments.  Surprisingly, a large percentage said “No, never.”  That stunned us, because with all the emphasis on being part of the conversation in social media, we would have expected few people to admit to that.  What surprised us even more was just how many said they responded only when they had time!   See the poll results….

What is Your Top Resolution?

pollIn this survey, we asked small business leaders and entrepreneurs their plans and goals for the coming year, in 2010. One write-in response surprised us: 8% of the respondents said their resolution was to “get a job”!  (We never thought we’d see that in a community of entrepreneurs.)  But if we were surprised by that response, we were stunned by the #1 choice.  See the poll results….

What is the Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Business Back?

What's the Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Business Back?In this business poll, we wanted to know what keeps small businesses from growing and prospering — in other words, what obstacles crop up that hold you and your business back?  They say “cash is king” and the results of this poll show it to be true.  The overwhelming choice had to do with money.  See the poll….

What Would You Spend An Extra $10,000 On?

What's the Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Business Back?If you had an extra $10,000 that wasn’t already destined to pay your business bills, would you invest in a new vehicle?  Upgrade your software?  Hire a consultant?  File that patent or trademark application?  Or something else?  We were dying to know what you would choose – the results are quite illuminating. See the poll….

What Is Your Biggest Business Mistake?

What Is Your Biggest Business Mistake?Do you regret something you did in starting or growing your business, and wish you could change it? Perhaps you borrowed money and found yourself in over your head. Or maybe your business lost the market opportunity because you didn’t borrow and therefore grew too slowly. Or perhaps you didn’t hire the right people. See what others said in the poll….

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