September 26, 2016

Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Business Back?

Small Business Trends Poll

“Cash is king” is a phrase you hear often in connection with small businesses and startups.  Insufficient cash flow is one of the reasons small businesses fail.  Lack of cash can also slowly strangle a business, cutting off its lifeblood, or at least stunting its growth.   So no surprises here:  over 60% said their biggest obstacle was lack of funding or insufficient cash flow.   But perhaps most interesting of all were the #2 and #3 choices:  they had to do with staffing.  Dealing with employees is challenging in general, and doubly so in a small business where you can’t always compete on pay and benefits with larger competitors.  Just remember, creativity and sensitivity with people goes a long way.  Here is the full poll:

Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Business Back?

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