September 27, 2016

What is Your Top Resolution?

Small Business Trends Poll

We polled the small business community here at Small Business Trends to identify their top business goal for the coming year (for 2010)

Our original selections were primarily business-oriented.  We were surprised by the large number of write-in responses that were more personal or self-developmental in nature.  In fact, the top vote was for a write-in choice, “lose weight.”  It just goes to show:  small biz people are focused on personal health and well-being just like the general population.

Another surprise was the write-in response “Get a job,” receiving 57 out of 742 responses.  As a community of entrepreneurs, we didn’t expect 8% of respondents to harbor a desire to become employees.   However, it is possible that those responses reflect the economic times.  This poll was taken in late 2009 while most people thought we were still in a recession.  Here are the poll results:

What is Your Top Resolution?

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