November 25, 2015


Sitepal avatar that looks like me, Anita Campbell, Editor of Small Business TrendsDo you like the talking character that appears here on Small Business Trends? Currently we use it on our Newsletter page.

It’s called a SitePal avatar. The one you see on that page is me, Anita Campbell. I’m the Editor of this site, and the avatar was custom created for me by Oddcast from my photograph.

A SitePal avatar is a talking character that you can add to your own website or blog.The talking character helps you connect with your visitors and brings your website to life. For instance, I use it to explain my newsletter.

What can you use SitePal for?

Business websites and blogs can use SitePal to:

  • Welcome visitors with a friendly message
  • Explain FAQs
  • Give a tour of your website and point out special features
  • Explain how to sign up for your RSS feed or your newsletter
  • Increase sales on landing pages, by providing a virtual sales clerk to orient visitors who arrive after clicking through an advertisement

It’s pretty easy to get started.

For small business websites and blog sites, I recommend the custom avatar. It is more personalized. However, you also could start out with one of the standard characters that Oddcast provides. Pick one that fits your style and personality — have fun with it.

Try out this demo and get started with your own SitePal right now:

Using SitePal’s online interface, creating your own talking character is as easy as 1-2-3. No programming knowledge is required.

1. Design a character
2. Add audio
3. Publish to websites

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SitePal offers its services in three different packages. The prices start at only $9.95/month.

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