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How To Market YouTube Videos More Effectively

YouTube is a great platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, but standing out from the many producers is tough. Here's how to get a leg up on the competition.


Bite Size Content is Fun and Easy to Digest for Readers

Creating content for your small business website is an evolving art form. And there's an art to creating bite size content that's easy to read, fun, and useful. There's a benefit, though. It makes for great reading on mobile devices.

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Have You Heard of the Flat Lay or Boho Design Trends?

If you haven't heard of the Flat Lay design or the Boho design trend, you should check out the 2016 Creative Trends report from Shutterstock. These visual styles will be especially important for websites, social media, and content marketing in 2016.


Creating an Inbound Marketing Plan That Works

Your small business needs to use this year as the one where it creates a digital marketing strategy. Follow these tips to stay ahead of or in line with your competition.

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Why Visualization Matters in Data and Content Marketing

Small business owners don't have to be short on data about their companies these days. There are umpteen ways to get data about your company's activities. Now, how do they present that information to their audience in a visually appealing way?


29 Killer Ways to Use Video for Social Networking

Small businesses are using video to market their brands and products on social media every day. They're also using video to give their audience more insight into their companies. Here are 29 ways your small business can do the same.

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Marketer’s Guide to Geo Targeting, Beacons and Proximity

You've probably already heard many times how important mobile marketing will be in the very near future. Now read about some of the tools and technology your business will need to make your mobile marketing a success.

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