February 6, 2016


Here you will find everything related to small business on Facebook. Including marketing on Facebook, social selling, Facebook business tips and more.


What Can Facebook Custom Audiences Do for Your Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is very effective, sure. But people have a tendency to tune those messages out over time, especially if you send too many. Check out the options available via Facebook if you want to hit an engaged targeted audience with your message.

facebook help

Have You Seen This List of Resources for Facebook Business Users?

You are likely using Facebook to improve your company's social media presence. And from time to time, there may be more than a few questions about what's available to you or how to use certain features. Luckily, Facebook has published plenty of guides to help. Here's a repository of those resources.

zuckerberg commit to a cause

Are You as Willing As Zuckerberg to Commit to a Cause?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg recently made a big announcement by saying he's giving 99 percent of the stock he holds in his company to his heir-to-be. Are you as willing to hand over your fortune (no matter how small) to the next in line in your family?

facebook location for pages

Facebook Introduces Dynamic Call-To-Action Buttons for Local Ads

Sure, you can promote your business to the whole world these days. But if you operate a small chain of coffee shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, what does that matter? You need tools and data to reach the customers in your immediate neighborhood. Read on.


Ten Facts About the New Facebook Search

The new search tool on Facebook is pretty impressive but still limited to just what's on the social site. The company has a long way to go before competing with the likes of Google and Bing in Web searches.