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Oh No! Did the Facebook News Feed Change Just Kill Unpaid Marketing Content?

Oh No! Did Facebook Just Kill Unpaid Marketing Content?

If you're a Facebook reader, getting only updates from friends and family on your feed is probably welcome (at least once in a while). If you're using Facebook to promote your small business to users, a new change means you'll likely need to pay something to be seen my a mass audience.

facebook live

How Can Businesses Use Facebook Continuous Live Video?

Facebook has again changed the game with its new continuous live video API and it remains to be seen just what small businesses will do with it. Remember Facebook's adoption of live streaming and how it changed the landscape. Now get some hints about the new feature and what may lie ahead.


Facebook Q1 Shows Massive 52 Percent Growth Year Over Year

Facebook continues to grow. In its first-quarter earning report, the site announced that its revenues are up 52 percent. And use of the products the site has introduced for businesses -- namely its advertising services -- are fueling a lot of that growth.

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How to Use New Facebook Reactions for Emotional Content Ideas

The new Facebook Reactions can be viewed by small businesses as another important insight into the content they share on the social media site. Check out these tips on getting more emotional responses from your audience on the site with your next post.

messenger featured

Leaked Document Claims Ads Coming to Facebook Messenger App

Reports have surfaced suggesting Facebook is ready to place ads in its Messenger app. Millions are already using Messenger for free text texting and video calls and the purported plan would have Facebook dropping ads to clients into their Facebook inboxes.

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