August 30, 2015


haha or lol

Majority of E-Laughs are Hahas, Facebook says

Facebook recently found out that not everything funny on the social media site is literally laugh-out-loud hilarious. In fact, a study conducted by Facebook on the e-laughs shared by its users revealed that most users laugh in text by using haha or hehe instead of the infamous LOL.


Use Facebook Author Meta Tags for Better Connections with Readers

So what does the new Facebook Author Meta Tag do for you and your business? Well, think of it as a way to grow your social media following. It makes it easier for people on the social network to follow you once they decide they like your content. Win-win!

facebook videos

Could Facebook Video Be Serious Competition to YouTube?

For the longest time, there was little doubt that YouTube was the king of all Internet videos. But the site is getting some serious competition from Facebook, especially since the social media site started allowing users to embed their videos pretty much anywhere they wanted.

facebook screens

Does Your Brand Sound Too Much Like Facebook?

Watch out. Big companies are becoming ever more protective of their brands with aggressive action against startups who's names, at first blush, would seem to bear only a casual resemblance. Take, for example, the case of Designbook. It's only similarity to its more popular rival seems to be the fact that it is a social network with the word "book" in it's name.

facebook user

Not On Facebook? You’re Missing Out, Study Says

Small businesses everywhere are using Facebook to grow and reach new audiences. And if you're not using Facebook to benefit your small business, you're definitely missing out on a great opportunity.

place tips

Connect with Store Visitors as Facebook Place Tips Expands

Have you heard of Facebook Place Tips? If not, you'll want to continue reading. Facebook is expanding the program and this could mean big things for your ability to promote your business -- especially to customers already in your store.

facebook notifications

Facebook Will Soon Let You Give “Saved Replies” to Customers

Facebook is ready to introduce Saved Replies for Pages on the site. If your business is overwhelmed by a crush of responses to a post or your feed, these canned Saved Replies keep you in immediate contact until you have more time for a proper follow-up message.