October 6, 2015



Travel Club Startup Began with a Facebook Invite

The Nomadness Travel Tribe started as a Facebook group invite but with the power of social media, there are now more than 10,000 members and it's become a business on its own.

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Facebook Tracking Likes? Soon They will Help Target Ads

Facebook has announced that it is going to start tracking a user's Web activity based on the Like buttons they hit. The company will use this data to send more target-specific ads to users. For small businesses, it's a better chance at getting your Facebook ads in front of just the right people.

facebook signal

Facebook Signal Will Help Journalists Cover Your Business

Facebook Signal is another tool that's designed to lure journalists away from other social media. The tool makes content about public figures easily accessible and shareable. It's the latest move by the social site to get more media outlets using Facebook as their preferred social site for reaching consumers.

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Facebook Verified Profiles Can Now Broadcast Live

Facebook is now allowing journalists, public figures, and other "influencers" to access Mentions. This service allows users with verified accounts to stay in touch with followers with live video streaming and other exclusive connections.

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Milestone for Facebook: One Billion People in a Day

On Aug. 24, a billion people globally logged on to Facebook to get updates on family, friends, their business, or the businesses and brands they like. It's a milestone moment that cements -- at least temporarily -- the company's spot atop the social media mountain.

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Majority of E-Laughs are Hahas, Facebook says

Facebook recently found out that not everything funny on the social media site is literally laugh-out-loud hilarious. In fact, a study conducted by Facebook on the e-laughs shared by its users revealed that most users laugh in text by using haha or hehe instead of the infamous LOL.

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