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google saved images

Google Channels Pinterest with Saved Images

The Pinterest-inspired photo bookmarking Google unleashed on it mobile browser last year is now coming to desktop. ere's what you need to know to make th most of this a related features.

google home svs

Google Home Service Ads Expand, Adds Electricians and HVAC

Google Home Services is expanding to include a few new service professionals, namely HVAC pros and electricians. Check out where these services can be marketed through Google and how the service works for local service professionals.

google clickjacking

Google Busting Publishers Using Clickjacking

Clickjacking, also known as a "UI redress attack," happens when the appearance of a website is changed so that a victim does not realize they are taking an important action, in this case clicking on ads.

google search

Google Ends Right-Side Ads on Search Results

Google right side ads have ended. Those ads that used to appear on the right side of its search results have now been removed. Here's what that means for your small business's marketing campaign.

google testers

Google Seeks Small Business Owners as Trusted Testers

Would you like to be a "Trusted Tester" of products coming out for Google My Business and Google Ads? A new program may make it possible. If your business meets Google's list of requirements, you can sign up today.

triangle fiber

Cities Scramble to Attract Google Fiber

Recognizing what it could do for the city's business climate, leaders in Louisville are making their city as attractive as possible to be the next home for Google Fiber gigabit Internet.

gmail security

Gmail Will Warn You About Accounts that are Unsecured

A new feature added to Gmail will let users know if recipients of their messages or messages they're receiving are to or from a secure account. The addition to Gmail was part of Google's Safer Internet Day recently.

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