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Must-Have Google Drive Add-Ons for Docs and Sheets

Must-Have Google Drive Add-Ons for Docs and Sheets

The base versions of Google Docs and Google Sheets are fine as they are but can be much more with some add-ons. These boosters for the apps improve their functionality and allow you to do more within them.

Make the Most of Google AdWords Store Conversions Tool - In Store Analytics

Make the Most of Google AdWords Store Conversions Tool

Most transactions are still happening within the confines of a traditional store so a tool like Google AdWords Store Conversions will help track how your digital marketing is impacting your brick-and-mortar business.

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Google Shares Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Business [Watch]

Who doesn't want to attract more attention for their small business? Well, a company somewhat responsible for getting you online traffic -- that'd be Google -- is sharing some valuable information. Check out this invaluable video for more.

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Google, GoDaddy Announce New Online Services for Businesses

Google introduced a new way to file away your saved images discovered on searches that's very Pinterest-esque and GoDaddy acquired another company that lets it add to the host (pardon the pun) of services the company offers its customers. These headlines top a busy week wrapped up in this small business news and information roundup.

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Google Channels Pinterest with Saved Images

The Pinterest-inspired photo bookmarking Google unleashed on it mobile browser last year is now coming to desktop. ere's what you need to know to make th most of this a related features.

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