November 27, 2015


Here you will find everything related to small business on Instagram. Including marketing on Instagram, social selling, Instagram business tips and more.

instagram partner

Instagram Partner Program Unveiled for Business Users

Instagram is interested in having more small businesses use its platform to market their products and brands. It's created a Partner program where larger businesses who've found more success on Instagram mentor those just getting started.

boomerang instagram

Turn Photos into One Second Video with Instagram Boomerang App

The new Instagram Boomerang app allows users to create quick, one-second video clips (actually a GIF file) to share through their profiles. This presents some interesting marketing opportunities for small businesses that can take advantage of the power of a GIF animation.


Instagram Hits 400 Million — Now Bigger Than Twitter

Instagram's rise in popularity has been hard to ignore. When you see it in numbers, you realize just how many more users are on the site. Five years ago, there were a million users. Now, the company says, it's at 400 million!

social rubiks

12 Secret Social Media Hacks You Want To Try Now

Social media sites are so easy that children can manage their own accounts these days. But each platform has their own set of hacks that allow you to go beyond the simple and better control their accounts.