May 28, 2015

Publisher Channel Content

verizon car

So What’s the Real Reason Verizon Bought AOL?

When Verizon agreed to purchase AOL, it got a wealth of content and video in the deal. This move should position Verizon to become a major player in digital marketing and media distribution in the near future.

happy customer

Boost Loyalty with Perks for Repeat Customer

Loyalty card programs are a great way to encourage people to come back to your business again and again. Here's data showing the instances where loyalty programs really do work.

professional woman

5 Steps to More Professional Personal Branding

How you write and speak along with how you dress and the condition of your vehicle all impact your personal brand. Following these five tips will give your own brand a professional edge.

mobile app user

Is it Time for Your Business to Go Mobile?

You've got a website. Now, everyone's getting to the Web on their smartphones or tablets. Does that mean it's time for your business to invest in a mobile app?

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Sneak Peek: New Google AdWords Search Query Report

A new and much-needed redesign to the Google AdWords Search Query report appears to be in the offing. A preview of the new redesign has been spotted in the wild. Here's a handy guide on the differences.


How to Get People to Remember Your Name

When you're out networking or meeting with potential clients and business partners, how do you make sure you stay top of mind and aren't forgotten as soon as the meeting has ended? These tips will make sure you don't ever slip their minds.

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6 Reasons to Unplug for Greater Health and Productivity

We live in a connected world and are told repeatedly that being responsive and accessible are the new imperatives for succeeding in business. But cold there also be a darker side to your online life?