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Where Do We Draw the Line on Bots?

Bots are everywhere. And they're actually helping a lot of small businesses -- with far fewer resources -- perform more like big businesses. When will it get to be too much?


What Is Essential Tech for Startups?

Got a startup and worried you're already behind the tech game? Worry not. These essential pieces of hardware will get you through the early stages of your business.


How to Deal With Lazy Employees

As the head of your small business, you know it's almost impossible to not deal with a lazy employee or employees at some point. So, what are the best ways of handling these lagging members of your team?


8 Things You Need On Your Desk

What's on your work desk? It could be cluttered with a lot of things you don't need. But don't go without having these staples -- not literal staples, though they're a good idea, too -- at the ready on or in your desk.

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Iconic Brand Rivals Undergo Logo Swap

The company Printsome took a unique look at some of the most iconic brand logos and then swapped them with their rivals. Check out the results.

retain customers

7 Tips On How To Effectively Retain Customers

For small businesses, getting customers is one important step toward success. Keeping them coming back for more is another, and just as important. How do you get people to visit your store or call for your services again?


What Does Making a Bad Hire Really Cost?

What's the cost of a making a bad hiring decision? It's probably a lot more than you think. A new study from Career Builder aims to put a price on making a bad employment decision.


Averages are Still Relevant with PPC Ads

Are averages really a "sucky metric" for measuring the impact of a PPC ad campaign for your small business. Here's a look at the criticisms of them and how they're potentially still a relevant means of determining how your PPC campaign is scoring.

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