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15 Reasons Customers Abandon Your Cart and Solutions

For eCommerce business owners, it may be one of the most important questions to answer. Why do customers abandon your cart after loading it with items? It may be more important than the question of what get customers to your site in the first place. Here are some much needed answers.

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Who’s the Average Stay-at-Home Worker Today?

More than 3 million Americans work at least part of their week at home. So your small business is more likely going to be relying on the services of a remote worker, if it hasn't already. So, who is the average work-from-home person?

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Google Plus Photos is Shutting Down, Is Google Plus Next?

There is more evidence that the days for Google Plus, the company's attempt at a social media network, are numbered. That's especially true after Google just announced that Google Plus Photos is shutting down and has been re-branded as Google Photos.

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9 Signs That You are a Bad Manager

As a manager, you're susceptible to falling into the same traps as many managers before you. There are lots of different management styles and traits. Here are ones to avoid.


The Microsoft Dropbox Partnership is Good for Small Business

Microsoft's partnership with Dropbox will allow small business owners to access cloud files stored with the service from any device. Read about the variety of benefits your small business could reap from this historic collaboration.

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The Six Cs to Securing a Small Business Loan

Do you think your small business won't qualify for a loan from the bank? Adhere to these six Cs to give yourself a better chance at securing a small business loan.

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These Video Marketing Tips Will Boost Your Sales

Videos are now almost essential when marketing your small business. No one is expecting production qualities on the level of a Super Bowl ad or something off a Hollywood set. But good video content can go a long way to growing your business. Here's how to do it effectively.

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How to Pick the Best Business Partner for You

If you're going into business with another person or company, who you choose is a very important decision. The results could be long lasting, either good or bad. Here are 5 tips to picking the best business partner for your needs.


Weekends Aren’t the Time to Do Nothing

If you think the weekend is the perfect time to do nothing ... think again. Yes, it's Monday but that doesn't mean you can't do these things at the end of this week.

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Should You Use Hashtags on Twitter or Are They a Click Killer?

Twitter recently released a study claiming the much celebrated hashtag may not be what it once was. In fact, Twitter says, it may actually be hurting your click-through rate. Nonsense, says WordStream founder Larry Kim. Kim shares some pretty compelling evidence from his own tweets suggesting it just ain't so.