August 27, 2016

What Is

Wondering what a lot of those business industry terms really mean? Here you will find the Small Business Trends “What Is” series, which are in-depth explanations of business acronyms and business jargon phrases.

Ecommerce landing page - Spaces

What Is GoSpaces and How Do I Use It for My Business?

A good landing page where your customers first drop in on your site can equal sales for your business. GoSpaces has a tool that provides you a snappily designed page that's designed to turn visitors into customers.


What Is Essential Tech for Startups?

Got a startup and worried you're already behind the tech game? Worry not. These essential pieces of hardware will get you through the early stages of your business.

meet edgar

What is Edgar and How do I Use it For Social Media Management?

Much of your social media content may be going unnoticed by the majority of your social community. That's a whole lot of effort being invested without much in the way of return. Meet Edgar, the platform that tries to solve this problem in a very unique way.

business casual trends modern

What is Business Casual Considered These Days?

The way we dress for work these days looks a lot different than it did, 25 ... 20 ... 10 ... heck, even 5 years ago. And the term "business casual" is interpreted about as loosely as the attire it implies, unless you're talking skinny jeans. So, what is "business casual" today and what does it look like?

intel property

What is Intellectual Property?

Check out this guide on what is considered intellectual property. And then figure out how much intellectual property your small business has ... it's probably more than you think.


What is a GIF?

The GIF file format was in virtual obscurity for a number of years. Then a site like Tumblr comes along and resurrects it. So, how are small businesses able to use this animated alternative to a short video?

custom 404

What is a Custom 404 Page and Why Do You Need One?

The dreaded 404 Page error code ... if and when your customers get one could spell the end of their visit to your site. Perhaps not with custom 404 pages. These give wayward browsers another place to visit on your site and are typically a lot more visually appealing.

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