May 25, 2016

Women Entrepreneurs

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Join the Women’s Small Business Outlook Webinar

It's a better day for women entrepreneurs, right? Well, sort of. Depending on whom you ask, however, women-owned businesses can still have it rough. And that's what this free webinar is all about.

just fearless

A Willingness to Travel the World Has Helped This Entrepreneur Succeed

Have you always wanted to be a globe trotting entrepreneur? Then listen to the story of Kisha Mays. Mays is a business development consultant and founder of Just Fearless. She regularly travels the world to work with her many clients on global business branding. Here's how she manages her company on the go.

girls auto clinic

Girls Auto Clinic Teaches Women About Cars

Patrice Banks is a materials engineer who studied auto tech and now owns a business with a very unique niche. Not only is her auto repair company called Girls Auto Clinic. She also holds free monthly sessions to teach women what they need to know about automobiles.

blogger babes event

Blogger Babes Teach You How to Blog for Profit

If you love blogging and think you can make a business out of it, there are several key considerations and steps you'll need to take. The popular Blogger Babes share some insight with Small Business Trends.

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