July 17, 2024

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Small Business Trends is the online spot for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Started in 2003 by experienced businesswoman Anita Campbell, who has built several successful businesses, it’s grown into a go-to hub packed with insights, advice, news, and real stories about small businesses. It’s a vibrant empowering place that millions of small business people depend on each month. 


What sets Small Business Trends apart is its grounded, experienced team and intense small-business focus. We are immersed in the small business life, bringing authenticity and a depth of understanding to articles. Our experienced journalists and small business experts are dedicated to creating original, high-caliber news and content, ensuring high-quality and trustworthy information. This personal touch and dedication makes the site more than just a news source; it’s like having a knowledgeable friend who is always on hand with the latest scoop and smart tips.