MacBook Selfie Stick May Be Craziest Product Yet

If they ever put cameras on servers, we're going to be in trouble. There's a growing need to hold our devices far away from our faces to share the moments going on behind us. The Selfie Stick's everywhere-ness is evidence of that. But now it's getting carried away. The MacBook Selfie Stick is real and it looks as wild as it sounds.


IRS 2018 standard mileage rate goes up from 2017 mileage rate

2018 Standard Mileage Rate Goes Up, IRS Announces

The IRS standard mileage rate for deducting business use of a vehicle rises slightly in 2018 from the rate in 2017. The standard mileage rate is also often used as the reimbursement rate for employee use of a personal vehicle for business purposes.

25 Winter Business Ideas

25 Winter Business Ideas

If you’re looking to start a new business this season, consider out these 25 different winter business ideas for inspiration.