10 Bloggers Share Great Business Tips for 2013

bloggers2The smallest changes in your business can bring huge results.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to look at changes that could make your business better.

Here 10 bloggers share business tips that could take your company to the next level in 2013.


Business Tips to Get Started

Develop a mind blowing business model. Your business model is the heart and soul of your business. It delivers great value and creates revenue for sustainability and growth. The best business models also make the world a better place. Stephanie Ward shares a mind blowing model from entrepreneur Anjali Sarker that generates profits while encouraging better sanitation in the developing world. Firefly Coaching

Figure out and define your niche. You’ve decided on the product or service to provide, but there are a lot of competitors out there. This business tip looks at how to differentiate yourself. Blogger Carolina Miranda suggests defining a niche. This means determining the specific customers you want to target and figuring out how to reach them with your marketing message. CC Marketing Online

Create the perfect business brand. Creating a brand for your business usually involves answering a few simple questions. Those questions include: Who are you? Who is your audience? What problem do you solve? What makes you different? Blogger Jon-Mikel Bailey makes some suggestions about how best to answer these questions in today’s market. Wood Street Inc.

Delegate responsibilities for growth. Your business must also be ready for expansion. This means that you have planned for growth and are delegating tasks from the beginning. Blogger and content marketer Kelvin Cech shares some business tips for spreading out the responsibilities in your company to get things running more smoothly. Function Writing Group

Embrace the latest digital tools. It seems that digital tools are in a constant state of flux in today’s technology landscape. These tools can save you time and money, help you market your business, and provide many other benefits. One of our business tips is to do a regular audit of your company and what tools might improve your productivity. Blogger Azita Ardakani shares an infographic on the latest trends. Killer Startups

The Key to Making Connections

Master the art of networking. Tools for connecting with customers, suppliers, partners, and potential employers are everywhere. Blogger Richard Foshee gives some essential business tips to help make the most of LinkedIn, one of the best networking tools on the Web. Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and boost your networking efforts. Business 2 Community

Get your PR down cold. Great public relations doesn’t need to be complicated. The best PR is simple and sends a very clear message. Blogger Catarina Alexon gives this timely example from the world of politics, but you don’t need to be the President of the Unites States to make PR like this work effectively. Catarina’s World

Rediscover the marvels of e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing may sound a bit old-school for a list of 2013 business tips, but this time-honored tactic must not be forgotten. A recent study suggests that e-mail marketing remains an extremely powerful technique for businesses. Danielle Kogan shares 10 suggestions for using e-mail campaigns effectively to grow your business this year. Intechnic

Keep collecting customer feedback. It’s more difficult to find new customers than to keep those you already have, so an important tip in 2013 is to keep your current customers satisfied. The best way to do that is by continuing to collect customer feedback. Blogger Janelle Vreeland suggests a few creative techniques that will help you figure out what’s on your customers’ minds. Lonely Brand Blog

Get people talking about you. The easiest way by far to keep your business growing in 2013 is still to get your customers to do most of the work. One of our favorite business tips comes from blogger Shannon Willoby who shares some great suggestions for getting your customers talking about you. Scott’s Local Business Corner

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