10 Community Tips for New Businesses

10 Community Tips for New Businesses

Starting a business involves you concentrating on several different things at once. You need to choose the right name, analyze your offerings and competition, decide how to market your products or services and so much more.

Our small business community is well-versed in many of these challenges. So, they shared some tips that you might find helpful in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Choose the Right Business Name


The right name can have a huge impact on the success of your brand. So, before you jump into business with the first name that comes to mind, take a look at some of the factors that can impact a business name, shared by Anita Campbell.

Analyze Your Small Biz Using SWOT

(Cate Costa)

The SWOT analysis has been dismissed by some in the business community. But Cate Costa still believes that looking at your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can be a worthwhile exercise. BizSugar members also chimed in on the subject of SWOT.

Get Your Emails Delivered, Read, and Remembered

(BizLaunch Blog)

Email can still be a very effective tool for marketers. But there are a lot of hurdles your emails have to go through to actually make an impact on customer behavior. To make sure that your emails get delivered, read, and remembered, check out these tips from Susan Payton.

Optimize Your Facebook Native Videos

(Search Engine Journal)

Facebook native videos are gaining some popularity and relevance on the platform. And as such, they can be an effective way for businesses to share their message with their social media connections. Cherry Kwan offers some tips for optimizing Facebook native videos so that you get the best possible results.

Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business

(Ben Angel)

Publicity can be a big boost for any business’s credibility, reputation, and even profits. And it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all if you know how to get your name out there. Ben Angel includes some tips for getting publicity and building your small business credibility without any monetary investment.

Find Hidden Website Optimization Gems

(Marketing Land)

Having a website for your business is almost a necessity. But not all websites are built with results in mind. In order to make the most of your business website, you need to make sure that it’s optimized for things like converting leads and driving purchases. Brian Massey shares 5 tips for finding hidden website optimization gems.

Be Prepared for These Situations That Challenge Your People Skills

(Startup Professionals Musings)

Some people skills are necessary for running a successful business. But no matter how good you are at naturally dealing with people, there are situations that will challenge you. Martin Zwilling shares some of those situations that can be a challenge for leaders. And BizSugar members discussed the post further.

Start the Type of Business That’s Right for You


Starting a business is not the same for every entrepreneur. Some choose to start small businesses out of their homes, while others gravitate toward retail or service based businesses. There are pros and cons to each, as Nellie Akalp discusses. So it’s up to you to pick the type of business that fits with your needs.

Consider These Useful Facebook Features

(Strella Social Media)

Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms and features, particularly when it comes to business pages. But there are still features that business owners can use effectively on Facebook. Rachel Strella shares 3 of them. The BizSugar community also shared some thoughts on the post.

Use These Cost Effective Marketing Ideas for Local Business


Small local businesses don’t often have huge marketing budgets like their larger competitors, especially at first. That means it can be beneficial to get creative when it comes to marketing. Ivan Widjaya shares some cost effective marketing ideas for local businesses.

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  1. I tried using SWOT analysis when I reviewed my business and it revealed a lot. I now use this regualrly to track the directions of our goals and see where we’re heading.