10 Content Marketing Tips From Our Community

10 Content Marketing Tips From Our Community

Does your business use content marketing as part of its promotional strategy? If not, or if you’re looking a way to do it better, you’ll want to read on. We’ve scoured the Web for the best advice from small business blogs and communities this week. So here in our Community News and Information Roundup are our top 10 tips for using content marketing effectively.

Create a Content Promotion Strategy

(Process Street)

Do you ever feel like your content marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you’d like? You could be forgetting a couple of important steps in the process. Vinay Patankar shares this checklist as a guide for helping you get the most from your content promotion efforts.

Change Your Approach

(Duct Tape Marketing)

The way people consume content online is constantly changing. So that means your business should also periodically change the ways it tries to reach customers with that content. John Jantsch shares some insights from business owners and marketers about how their content marketing approaches have evolved over the years.

Get People to Read Your Blog


You could have a truly great blog with amazing content. But if no one reads it, then it can’t help your business. In this post, Susan Payton shares some reasons your blog might not be getting much attention. Some of the tips focus on the importance of improving your actual content, while others look at promotion.

Help Visitors Find Your Best Content

(Copywrite Matters)

Your website and overall Web presence likely includes a lot of content. And some of that content is likely better or more helpful for certain customers than the rest. So you need to make it as easy as possible for visitors and potential customers to find the content they’re looking for. Here Belinda Weaver “The Copy Detective” shares details on creating a content map. Read the additional discussion by some members of the BizSugar community as well.

Be a Social Media Superstar


Some entrepreneurs seem to have a natural ability to excel at social media promotion. But others might find it more difficult. Here, Matthew Toren shares four tips entrepreneurs can use to improve their social media strategies and results.

Excel on Pinterest

(Small Biz Daily)

Considering adding Pinterest to your content marketing strategy? First, you should think about whether your industry naturally lends itself to success on the platform. In this post, Adrienne Erin outlines six of the industries that thrive on Pinterest.

Just Write

(The Strategic Marketing Group)

Art Remnet says that he hears lots of excuses from clients about why they don’t want to write blog posts or articles for their business. “I have nothing to say” is a common excuse people give in all types of businesses. But is that really true? Remnet shares some tips in this post for writing when you don’t feel like you have much to say.

Don’t Be Afraid of New Tools

(Carol Amato)

There seems to be a constant stream of new platforms and tools for businesses using social media and content marketing. Instagram and Snapchat are two relatively new platforms that some businesses have yet to try. Carol Amato explains why your brand should not be afraid to use those platforms in this post. Here is some further discussion on the topic of content marketing tools in the BizSugar community.

Track Your Marketing Efforts

(SageRock Search Marketing Blog)

Creating great content is key, but, when you really get down to it, the money your company makes from your marketing efforts is how you measure success. Here, Sage Lewis shares a video and presentation about how to determine the success of your marketing efforts.

Get Inspired With Blogging Topics

(Veronica Chavez Stowe)

Even the best bloggers can sometimes run out of inspiration for post topics. Veronica Chavez Stowe shares some ideas for types of posts that can help to revive your blog content.

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