10 Essential Tips for Running Your Business Better

10 Essential Tips for Running Your Business Better

There are parts of running a business that are absolutely essential. And while you know that these things, such as protecting company data and identifying your target market, are important, actually doing them can be a bit more difficult.

Luckily, members of the online small business community have you covered with these top business tips from the past week. Read on for the full list in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Protect Your Company Data


Your data is almost certainly one of your company’s greatest assets. So that means you need to have safeguards in place to ensure that data doesn’t make it into the wrong hands. David Zimmerman shares some data protection tips for small businesses.

Know Your Target Audience


You likely have at least some general information about your company’s target audience. But a true understanding of your market requires you to dig a little deeper, as Jeannine Richard explains. She also shares some tips for gaining this type of information.

Attract New Readers to Your Blog with a Current Ping List

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Pinging is when your website updates people about new content you’ve added. It can have many benefits, from increasing your immediate traffic to impacting your reach over time through SEO. Debra Garber explains more about pinging and how it can impact the success of your website.

Kickstart Your Business Website

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There are several standard features that every business website should have. And then there are other more specialized features that can help your business really stand out. Martin Zwilling shares some ideas for kickstarting your business website. BizSugar members then discuss the post further in the community.

Assess Demand for Your Hyperlocal Platform

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When starting a hyperlocal business, you likely have a specific community in mind for your target audience. But if your startup is going to succeed, you need to first make sure that those consumers are interested in what you have to sell. Stephanie Miles shares some thoughts and tips for assessing demand for a hyperlocal startup.

Customize Your 404 Error Page

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How many times have you been browsing a website and come across a 404 error page? Probably pretty often. And that means that visitors to your site probably come across those error pages pretty often too. So Cendrine Marrouat suggests customizing your 404 error page, and also offers some tips for doing so. You can also view further discussion on this post at BizSugar.

Improve Your Conversion Rate with Web Design


The way your website is designed can have a huge impact on visitors’ first impressions of your company. So it can certainly impact your sales and conversion rate. Jacey Johnson offers five simple tips for how you can improve your conversion rate simply through Web design.

Launch a Podcast with These Tips

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Podcasts offer another method for your brand to create content and connect with customers. And since it’s not quite as common as blogging and other forms of content marketing, it could be that missing piece that has the ability to set you apart. Jayme Soulati shares 18 tips to launch a successful podcast.

Use These Landing Page Hacks


Your website’s landing page can be a simple way to welcome new visitors or it can be a true part of your selling process. Read on as Liston Witerill shares five landing page hacks that you can use to improve the actual results you attain from your landing page and website in general.

Implement Your Great Ideas

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Your business needs a truly great and innovative idea to have any chance at success. Or does it? According to Karol Zielinski, what counts more than a great idea is how you implement it. The BizSugar community shares more thoughts on how to implement your best ideas as well.

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