10 Online Business Tips Suggested By Our Community

10 Online Business Tips Suggested By Our Community

There are plenty of online resources that can help business owners reach customers, stay organized, and improve productivity. If there’s a part of your business you need help with, there’s likely an online tool that can help you with it. Members of our small business community have certainly found that to be true. And some of them have even shared a bit about online tools they’ve found helpful in their own blog posts. Read about some of those tools and other small business updates in this week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup.

Make Use of Social Media Analytics


Your business is likely already using some kind of social media as part of its marketing or content strategy. But how do you know how well these tools are really working for you? In order to measure your reach and results, you need analytics. Ron Sela explains the importance of social media analytics here. And BizSugar members join in the conversation as well.

Find Alternative Financing Solutions

(Small Biz Daily)

If you’ve found it difficult to secure traditional business financing, there are several alternative lending options available, from different types of loans to online options. Here, Rieva Lesonsky shares a few different types of funding options for small business owners to consider.

Use Social Data in Your Market Research Efforts


Social media isn’t just a great tool for reaching out to your customers. It can also be a great resource for gathering data about your customers and target audience. This post by Joe Cardillo explains a bit about how social data is impacting market research.

Help Your Local Business Show Up on Search Engines


Even local businesses can benefit greatly from using online tools. Search engines in particular can be of great value to local businesses, as Charlie Rose explains in this post. He also shares some tips for helping local businesses make the most of SEO.

Fix Your Boring Content


When developing your content marketing strategy, you have to come up with a style of content that will work best for you and your audience. One thing you definitely don’t want your content to be is boring. But many companies fall into the trap of producing boring content, as Tanya McGinnity explains here. And she also offers some tips for fixing it.

Make Your Content Valuable

(Cursive Content Marketing)

For your content marketing strategy to succeed, you need to offer something that is valuable to your customers. And if they find it valuable, then it can also provide value back to your company. To get the most out of your strategy, you need to decide what makes your content marketing valuable. Emily Cretella discusses the importance of valuable content here.

Optimize Your SEO Strategy

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SEO is basically essential for any business to succeed online in today’s business world. But the basics are no longer enough to make your business stand out from the rest. So here, Alexandria Mancini shares some tips for improving your SEO strategy even more.

Focus on These SEO Factors

(Big Marketing)

Another important aspect of having great SEO is keeping up with the trends and changing tech landscape. This post by Brian Jensen includes five things businesses should focus on when shaping their SEO strategies this year, along with a few that are less important. BizSugar members also share thoughts on the post here.

Use These Productivity Apps for Tech Spring Cleaning

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When it comes to improving business productivity, online and mobile apps can be great resources. But having too many of them can make things even more complicated. To simplify things, Molly Lisiewicz shares five must-have productivity apps here.

Find Freelance Jobs, Even with No Experience

(Making Sense of Cents)

Whether you’re a professional writer or just want to supplement your business income, freelancing can be a great opportunity. But breaking into a new industry can be tough if you have no prior experience. This post by Michelle Schroeder includes some tips for getting started as a freelance writer.

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